When it comes to growing revenue, direct bookings are the way to go for hotels. Commission payments reduce dramatically, which in turn reduces your cost per acquisition (CPA). Knowing how the millennial generation goes about making their bookings will be important for business in this modern day if the modern traveler is to end up at your hotel.

Smart Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for Modern Traveler

Leverage the internet – In the next decade, the millennials – currently aged between 16 and 34 – will be the highest number of frequent travel. 90% of them are online daily watching videos, carrying out research, shopping and visiting social media platforms. You need to enhance your online presence with the following modifications:

  • A responsive website
  • Social media presence
  • Leverage the right channels including OTAs

Google Search

Search Engines are on your side – Whenever they do product research, about 55% of millennials do so by consulting search engines. This is why you must ensure that your website is properly optimized for search engines. SEO is a world of knowledge on its own, but here are two strategies that will get you off on the right footing:

  • When it comes to link building, link quality is the key factor not quantity. Your links should be trusted authority sites, famed travel bloggers and news outlets.
  • Social media channels – work with 2-3 and be active in them.

Go Mobile – Younger users are using mobile devices to access websites more and more. Many of these young people expect that your website will be responsive. The user experience needs to be good if they are to spend time on your website and then complete the booking form. As such, you need to ensure that your website is responsive.

Use Video – When it comes to capturing the imagination, video is king. With a short, well done video, you will engage the user and he or she may be moved to share it and if you got it right, then it may even get viral reach. When it comes to mobile marketing, video is definitely key.

Social Media – Since you are targeting millennials, you should consider social media.  Millennials enjoy sharing what they find online. Once you get on social media, you will have a great platform from which you can dialogue with those who are likely to be guests in the future. It is a great place to carry out contests and use vivid imagery to grab and keep their attention. Responding quickly on social media is also big so respond to their comments.

It is time to change your strategy to increase direct bookings, if you need help to improve your digital marketing strategy and increase your direct bookings our team will help you.

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