8 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Audience

June 1, 2015  |   Marketing, Social Media

Social media plays an important role in marketing today. It is important to incorporate social media if you want to make an impact on your target audience. You need to reach them where they are.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking sites. Sharing content on Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach out to your target audience and connect to an even larger audience through networking.

Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience

The following tips will help you grow your Facebook audience even faster.

1. Facebook Like button

One way of building an audience on Facebook is by directing those who already come to your website to your Facebook page. The easiest way to do this is by including a Facebook Like button on your website. Visitors to your website can use this button to like your page without having to leave your page and look for you on the social network.

2. Connect your company profile to your personal page

This is a great way to lead people you know and those who are interested in your personal profile to the company’s profile page. All you need to do is tag your company to the work section in your personal profile.

3. Include Facebook link in the bio

You are expected to include an author bio whenever you post or write content for other websites. Your author bio is a great opportunity for you to promote your Facebook page. Simply include the link to your Facebook page in the profile or bio section.

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4. Include a Facebook page link in your email signatures

Sending emails can be a great opportunity for you to promote your Facebook page. Include a Facebook page link as well as a link to your website in your email signature.

5. Create ads

Use the Facebook Ads Manager to promote your page on Facebook through an advertising campaign. Facebook allows you to target your ads to a specific audience. You can therefore have targeted ads to draw the right kind of fans on Facebook.

6. Promote the page on other social media platforms

Get the word out about your Facebook page on other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. Twitter allows you to create sponsored updates that are targeted to a specific audience that you can easily convert to Facebook fans by including a link to your Facebook page, or by simply asking them to like your page on Facebook.

7. Create groups on Facebook

facebook group iconCreating a group on Facebook will allow you to reach an even bigger audience, and create loyalty. Members of the group will receive notifications. This means that they’ll be made aware of any new post added to the group.

8. Interact with your audience

Use your company page to interact with your target audience. Peruse Facebook and comment on posts that are relevant to your industry. This will draw attention to your page.

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