Increase Conversions by Localizing Your Marketing Campaigns

November 7, 2016


We live in a global village. Information technology has played a major role in making the world more accessible. However, when it comes to business, many consumers still only care about events or what is available in their neighborhood or city. People want to know about brands they can access locally.

If a brand wants to connect with consumers today, they must meet them where they are. This means understanding your target audience in terms of their local language, tradition and culture.

Why local is the new trend

Localization is a way through which brands can enhance customer experience and therefore expand their reach. It is a means through which your brand can target specific consumer groups.

However, it means much more than translating your website’s content to the local lingo. It means meeting customers at a personal level. It means presenting your brand to them in a way that is both unique and accessible to them. It means building trust.

This takes a lot of research into target markets.

Going local

Local Business MarketingMaking a good first impression is important in localizing marketing campaigns. It’s therefore important to get off on the right foot. The following are some tips to help you go locally the right way:

  1. Get professional help
    Going local is quite involving. It means understanding your target audience’s language, behavior and culture. This is important if you want to be effective in the local market. It pays to make use of local experts and avoid language translation tools.These experts may be country partners, local agencies or staff. This team should ensure that your brand is able to provide an accurate local experience for your target audience.
  1. Tweak for the local market
    Products that are popular in one part of the world may not be popular in another part. It is therefore important to tweak your services or products to suit the preferences of the local consumers. You may want to offer a less-expensive version of a product in a community with a high population of middle-income earners for example or present a brand image that appeals to the local audience.
  1. Put on a human face
    People all over the world respond to emotions. Work with your local team to develop a campaign that the local consumers can respond to. Try supporting missions or causes that solve a human need in the community to create an emotional bond with your local audience. Consumers experience life differently. This is greatly influenced by their locality. Learning how to leverage localization will be of great benefit to your brand for the long term.

Getting all of this together for localizing marketing campaigns can seem overwhelming, but don't worry we are here to help you with all of it.


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