Facebook’s Instagram has become one of the fastest growing applications. It started as a simple app with a few users, but now it is one of the most popular visual apps.

What’s Good With Instagram Ads for Travel Marketing?

instagram adsThere are several reasons why it’s the best when it comes to travel marketing.

High level of Engagement

Some studies indicate that it is one of the apps with the highest levels of engagement. This is probably due to the fact that it is visual. However, Instagram is unique compared to other apps, in that it is simple to use.

Perhaps the real reason behind the high level of engagement is that the visuals can convey real emotions. Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. This type of marketing can be very effective when it comes to travel marketing, especially with the recent trends such as luxury travel and experience tourism.

Carousel ads and New Features

Most social media platforms allow marketers to create highly targeted ads. On platforms like Facebook, you can choose your target audience through a wide range of factors. Instagram has now made it even more targeted using a new feature called carousel ads.

• With Carousel ads, you can post multiple ads on one post. Using this feature, a hotel can choose to display some images to people of different demographics. They may choose to show images of nearby sites to one group and images of the hotel pool and rooms to another group.

• A travel agent may display certain images to Instagram users based on their geographical location.

Geo-targeting can help restaurants and hotels target people in very specific locations. For example, people posting from the airport or train station. This form of advertising can be very useful and effective for small restaurants and businesses that are trying to communicate to tourists.

Clickable Links

instagram adsRecently, Instagram introduced clickable links. This links have made it possible to quickly redirect people to a website. Effective ads can now be accompanied with a quick call to action which can boost conversions further. The new features like carousel ads have made it easier to add effective call to action to the ads.

Make an Effective Instagram Ads!

Finally, it is important to note that not all Instagram ads will be effective for different forms of travel marketing. Targeted ads are costly, so if the conversions are low, it will ultimately lead to losses. You need to test, tweak and work on making effective ads. However, a lot can be gained from these ads if the execution is right.

If you know some other tips about Instagram Ads for travel marketing, please let us know.

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