Effectively Using Instagram for Hotels

November 28, 2016

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Instagram for hotels offers unique opportunities to build awareness and engage travelers. Since time immemorial, travelers have been taken photos to shared their experiences when they go to places and photo-sharing social networks like Instagram enable travelers to do this easily and instantly.

The importance of giving potential guests a rich visual experience is more apparent than ever. Plus, considering the importance of social media on hotel bookings online. If there is one social media platform that your hotel needs to be on, it’s Instagram. Instagram for hotels has been used more than 300 million in the past 6 years. Users share over 70 million photos, which receive over 2.5 billion likes daily.

the power of instagram than youtube

If you want to build awareness of your hotel amongst travelers and engage with them online, you can’t go wrong with Instagram. The following tips will help you get a head start use Instagram:

Claim your brand name Have you claimed your brand name on Instagram? Do it as soon as possible. Use it as your account name and add a profile picture with a short description of your hotel. This will ensure that it’s easy to find you. Be sure to do this before someone else claims the name.

See what the competition is up to You’re not the only hotel marketing its brand on Instagram. Many hoteliers tried it out, you could stand to learn a lot from other brands by seeing what they do. Check out what they share and which photos get them the most engagement from travelers. This is an easy way to learn using Instagram for hotels what your target audience likes and what they don’t like.

Invest in good quality photos  The greatest strength of using Instagram for hotels is that it combines two of social media’s most powerful aspects i.e. imagery and the ability to share. This makes it very popular amongst travelers. If you want to be truly effective, share images of your hotel that convey experiences. They should grab attention and show what travelers can get out of visiting your hotel. Your photos should complement your brand. Include short captions that explain what the photo is about. You can enhance images using various filters and tools to ensure images are as beautiful as possible.

Take photos of real people

content marketing strategy for hotels

Photos of scenery and food are great. However, pictures of people have more impact. Take photos of real guests and staff at your hotel Photos of guests enjoying their stay at your hotel or behind the scenes images of staff working give a personal touch to your brand. Be sure to ask your guests and staff for permission to use their images and tag them.

Promote local attractions Don’t concentrate on images of your hotel solely. Travelers often choose places to stay based on their ability to access local attractions in the neighborhood. Include photos of local attractions to show travelers what they can enjoy while staying at your hotel.

Instagram success is not achieved after a few posts. You have to be patient, strategic and consistent in your Instagram for hotels marketing efforts to get long-term business results. Instagram is just one part of a bigger social media marketing strategy such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. All these Instagram for hotel marketing tips can be implemented immediately so there’s no reason to wait. Jumpstart your Instagram marketing today with us.

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