How to Create an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

June 24, 2016  |   Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

It’s big but bound to get bigger. That’s the conclusion every online marketer makes when it comes to Instagram. With 400 million monthly active users and 75 million users logging in daily, this has become a one-stop shop for anyone looking for the most creative online images. 2.5 billion photos are liked on Instagram daily and the engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times that of Twitter.

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The Hottest Social Media Platform in Town

In 2015, Instagram was rated the fastest growing social platform and in the coming years, this trend is expected to continue. As a brand, you can leverage this growth in your marketing strategy. The audience on Instagram also holds unique potential. More young people have purchasing power and you will most likely find them here.  According to Forrester Research, 32% of American teens feel that Instagram is the most important social media platform.

The level of engagement is also fantastic with 49% of users logging in daily. For advertisers, this is a unique marketing platform providing versatile tools such as in-feed video, integrated action buttons on posts, in-depth features for ads, advanced targeting based on Facebook analytics and so much more.

There’s more; if you are looking for a tool that is set to change the social media landscape, Instagram is the way forward.  It is going to challenge WhatsApp, WeChat and SnapChat in messaging, and with integration of video, marketers have the ideal platform to post their ads.


Creating a Strategy

If your business is going to leverage this traffic, you must have an Instagram strategy. It takes more than publishing photos as most corporates have found out belatedly to their detriment. To market your brand, there must be a plan in place to guide the process in order to guarantee better returns. Instagram holds a lot of potential but to exploit this, your plan has to be solid and designed for Instagram optimization.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Instagram Marketing
    Instagram Marketing

    Determine your objectives: Consider your target audience, what you want to achieve and the benefits Instagram offers over other social media tools. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement, connect with influencers, demonstrate brand culture or you have a unique objective, make sure you know it already.

  • Content strategy: Don’t just publish photos but instead take time to create a content theme, determine type and ratio of content and set a calendar for your content.
  • Set the rules: If you have a marketing team, ensure there are guidelines on style, flow and aesthetics among other issues. Your style guide should include aesthetics, composition, captions, hashtags and other elements to guarantee you meet your objectives.


Instagram is set to revolutionize marketing and if you are not leveraging it, you better join the bandwagon.

Once you understand all the basics of how Instagram works, all the rest is easy. Make a plan, stick to it and enjoy the growth that Instagram can add to your social media profile.

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