Best Types of Instagram Photos to Drive Engagement

February 1, 2017  |   Marketing, Social Media

You may have noticed already that visual content is now being prioritized on all social media platforms. On Instagram, this is obvious because the platform is almost purely visual. It is important to know which images will do well on Instagram. Here is some information on the type of pictures from which you can expect plenty of engagement:

  • User Generated Content – UGC is currently the biggest thing out there. This is because it is authentic and resonates well with other users. This makes other users know that those who are using your products or services are happy with them. Since someone else comes up with the images, it saves you money and time to come up with great content.
  • Images of What Goes On Behind The Scenes – These work especially if they have been taken by your employees. People love to know what happens behind the scenes and this gives them a look into the inner workings of your business. Happy employees are especially heartwarming for potential clients. They need to be authentic and have a real feel to them though, because if they look staged, it will not have the same effect.
  • Do-It-Yourself – If you can provide how-to education content for those who love a good DIY, you will find that it performs well. Instagram and other social media sites are great platforms for these especially if made to look accessible, fun and easy.
  • Great visual composition – The visual composition of an image makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes one may not be able to tell why they love the pic, but it is usually because the visual elements have been put together in an ideal manner. Some considerations include having a background, visual texture, one dominant color instead of multiple ones, blue images vs. red ones and excellent quality pictures.
  • Influencer images

influencer marketing  

  • – Pictures of a person considered to be a niche influencer will peak the interest of users and drive engagement. This should always be done with their permission.  Bear in mind that the influencer does not have to be a celebrity or famous in any way. He or she just needs to be an authority in the industry.
  • Motivational Images – An uplifting post will most definitely resonate with your audience. Motivational quotes are an ideal way to do this and they can be presented on a background that is plain, or one that is a picture. They may also include a picture and description of someone who has succeeded against difficult odds.
  • Giveaways and contest – If you have a raffle, post a picture of the thing you will be giving away. Or have your clients post pictures of a product they have purchased from you.

That’s all about best types of instagram photos to drive engagement, also read here about why your business should be on instagram. If your business or company need help with social media, here our team will help you out. Contact us now!


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