Instagram Stories for Social Marketers

October 24, 2016  |   Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Trends

If you’re familiar with Snapchat, you know that it was Instagram’s biggest competitor. However, over the past few weeks, Instagram has managed to gain ground on its competition by introducing a feature that Snapchat has i.e. Instagram Stories.

While Instagram Stories may seem like a copy of Snapchat to the uninformed onlooker, it is in fact different in many ways:

An algorithm is used to determine the order of display of stories
Stories are displayed in chronological order in Snapchat. This isn’t the case with Instagram Stories. Just as with search engines, an algorithm is used to determine the order in which stories are displayed.How the algorithm works is a secret that Instagram keeps close to their heart. This however, can be used as an advantage by brands. Currently, it has been noted that stories that appear first on your queue are from those people that you interact frequently with. While it seems too overt to promote your content to non-followers, it is possible to beat an algorithm and this will work in the social marketer’s favor.

Brands can share content with a larger audience
Snapchat presented brands with a major hurdle. Although they could create content, their audience was limited to their followers. The only way to promote a brand on Snapchat would be through ads.Instagram Stories offers a solution to this problem. Brands are able to create content as they would on Snapchat and share it with their existing audience. This means that your content will be seen by a larger audience than would be possible with Snapchat.

Introduction of navigation and pausing in stories
Anyone who’s used Snapchat will tell you that you can’t afford to miss a second of the story. There is no function to pause or restart the story once you begin viewing it. This can be really annoying, especially when you are dealing with a long story.Instagram Stories offers a solution by introducing the scroll back and pause function within the story. This allows users free reign over their viewing.Brands therefore have fewer limitations when it comes to stories they can share with their audience. These features offer a wealth of possibilities when it comes to brand content. You can create interactive stories and therefore engage with audiences. Instagram stories offers a whole new world when it comes to social marketing. This provides you with more opportunities to take advantage of.

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