Social media is a very handy channel to connect with your target group millennials, especially Instagram.

A millennial has the age of 18 till 34.

They are overactive on social media and especially on Instagram.

In fact, according to a survey from Expedia is 90% of these millennials influenced by a post on Instagram.

Besides that, when they go on a holiday the main reason for their decision is based on how Instagrammable the destination is.  

That is why it is so important to have a good social media strategy because you can connect with millennials!

Instagram tips for the travel industry

Here are three tips to create a good Instagram account for Travel Industry!

Make use of social media influencers.

To connect with a very large group in a fast way, social media influencers is the way to go.

They have a huge fanbase and have a natural influence on their target group.

Because millennial recognize when something is an advertisement very fast you need to give your influencer some space.

Let them make the message personal and include their storyline (not yours).

If you need help to choose the right influencer for your brand, feel free and have a chat with us.

Instagram tips for the travel industry

 Use your own social media followers.

It is very hard to make outstanding content today. Everybody is posting and social media is very busy.

To make good content you need time, money and a lot of creativeness.

But if you are a travel company you can make use of your own followers for a content strategy!

Imagine you have access to thousands of photos including the topic of your brand.

That sounds fantastic, right? I will explain how to get this access.

1: You need to have a large fan base, including interactive followers.
2: Your Company needs to find a topic where you can be creative and have variable options to be creative.
3: Set up a hashtag for your followers and make sure to include the topic of step 2.
4: Make an announcement for your followers to post pictures about the topic of step 2 including the hashtag of step 3
5: Search on the hashtag and you will see all the pictures your followers have posted. Make a re-post of these pictures and you have free content!


Instagram tips for the travel industry

Make use of Instagram stories.

It is very easy to use Instagram stories.

You need to swipe left on your Instagram app and make a picture and there is your Instagram story.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as this story.

But don’t be scared it is the easiest way to connect to your audience!

Be aware that you need to make a good story.

Think like a storyteller and find the best context.

For example, make a story of your day or trip.

It is important to start with a begin (intro) the main part of your story and the end (call to action).

When you start making the stories, make sure to add features which Instagram provides.

So include: Stickers, Gifs, and add polls!

This makes your story interactive and more fun for the audience to look.

If you need to have a creative boost just watch this video. Click here.

The girl in the story is living one day based on polls.

It is called you decide my day.

This is an important example because this video shows that if your audience vote for something they want to see the result.

So make sure if you make a poll, you can show the result in the next or end of your story


Still, need some support with your social media?

We can help you with your social media advertising and social media management

Feel free to have a coffee and contact us

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