Instagram’s Update: Removing Fake Followers

February 15, 2019

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Instagram Update Removing Fake Followers

Have you heard of Instagram’s latest update? The app recently announced that they will be fighting against fake followers, fake likes, and fake comments.

Instagram Update Removing Fake Followers

As more and more brands and influencers use Instagram as a platform to sell, more accounts are using third-party apps to deceptively grow their number of followers in order to increase popularity. Since this issue is taking away genuine experiences and is violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, the app will be removing not only fake followers, but also fake likes and fake comments as well.

Removing inauthentic activities

According to Instagram, they will be taking several steps to solve this matter. They have been developing a machine learning tool which can recognize accounts using third-party apps. The tool will then automatically purge fake followers as well as other inauthentic activities, such as fake likes and fake comments.

If by any chance you see an account with a dropping number of followers, most likely it means that Instagram has purged its fake followers list.

Instagram Update Removing Fake Followers

Securing your account

Identified accounts will also receive a warning message to secure their accounts by changing their passwords. This update is to take measures against accounts who might have shared their personal details such as username and password to third-parties, just in case their accounts security is compromised on Instagram.

Instagram highly encourages users to cut ties with these third-party apps. Sharing one’s login details will only put the account into risk of being hacked or reported as spam. Those who still continue to use these apps may have their Instagram experience affected. On recent Instagram’s update, they may limit particular features to those specified users.

Instagram Update Removing Fake Followers

Creating authentic engagement

Avoid buying fake followers, likes or comments. Instead, create content with the right strategy to improve your Instagram engagement with followers.

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