Tips to Integrate Social Media Into Your Site Part 1

December 7, 2015


While your website is the principal tool that helps you to get clients online, your presence (or lack of it) on social media can dictate how much traffic goes to your website. In fact, with more people increasingly using social media platforms to initiate a purchase process having a strong social media presence is a must for any business.

How to succeed in social media?

succeed in social media

Let users know the social media networks you are active on

It is prudent for visitors on your website to know what social media platforms you are in. This however does not mean ditching your current website. Instead, place icons of the social media platforms that you are an active member of. Examples are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube among others.

Spread out the icons at the top and bottom of the webpage. On the same note, let all webpages feature these icons, as you may never know which page interest different readers. This way, users on your site will easily click the buttons and be able to interact with you or your business on social media.

Placing the icons and buttons only is not enough. Encourage the readers to click on them and interact with your brand. In this regard, include strong calls to action on each page. You can ask them to like, follow, +1 or share your brand pages with other people in your network.

Allow logins through social media accounts for easier connection

Since people find social media platforms a little livelier than traditional websites, allow new and existing customers log into your website from their social media platforms. In fact, some people say that the procedure is less tedious than filling sign up forms on your website.

For this reason, have the ‘log in through Facebook and ‘log in through Twitter phrases in a strategic place where users can easily see- when you make it easier for people to register on your site your business gains due to higher conversion rates making your website even more search engine friendly.

Invest in social media-friendly design

As a business owner, invest in a website that is social media friendly. At the same time, let the social media platforms you have a presence on compliment your website. This symbiotic relationship goes a long way in increasing your online business’ visibility.

It is easier to ensure social media design right from the beginning than to do this when the website is already up and running. However, all websites should be able to replace static content with variable content from such sources as blog feeds, social media feeds, and news feeds among others.

social media platform on website

Be More Socially Active!

Incorporate the above social media strategies to add social media to your web design and you will witness a positive change in the overall customer interaction and experience on your website. Continue to part 2.

If you have other tips to integrate social media into website, please let us know.

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