Tips to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website Part 2

December 11, 2015

Social Media

We have learned the three tips how to add social media to your website in Tips to Integrate Social Media Into Your Site Part 1.

In this part 2, you will learn the other three tips which include to let your visitor share your content, integrate social media review, and embedded You Tube to your site. By applying these tips you will boost your website significantly.

How to Add Social Media Properly to Your Website?

social media on website

Share your content easily

There is no need of publishing great content on your web site if your visitors cannot share it with their friends. For this reason, ensure that all your pages allow your visitors to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘pin’, or ‘tweet your content to people on the social media networks.

Getting your content shared by your website visitors with their friends and followers ensure that your web pages and blog posts have a better chance of going viral. Make sure you comment on the conversations generated by this sharing.

Integrate Social Media

Customer reviews from social media platforms such as Facebook actually increase your website’s overall conversion rates. Simply create a tab on Facebook and call it ‘Testimonials’. Here, allow feedback from your past customers.

Receive the negative reviews just as warmly as you do positive reviews. After all, negative reviews tell you what aspect of customer service you should improve on. Try as much as possible to reply to individual reviews. This creates the feeling that you value and appreciate your customers.

Embed YouTube Videos

embed youtube video on websiteMost pages that have quality YouTube videos have better rankings on search engines than those that do not have. By embedding YouTube videos on your site, customers spend more time watching it, effectively increasing your website’s conversion rate. However, be careful with the quality of videos you post, as people will naturally be bored by poor-quality video resolution leading to high bounce rates.

You see, people like watching videos more than they do reading text. If your business sells cars for example, let your visitors watch videos of the various models of cars instead of just reading about their specifications on text.

Ready for success?

Apply the tips to add social media to your web design above and you will see the significant improvement in your website.

If you have any other ideas or comments, please share with us, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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