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October 4, 2017

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How can you properly appeal to potential customers with your brand – choosing your business over competitors as the right choice?

Countless questions that revolve around appealing to the people have entered our marketing office. At Island Media Management, we not only find solutions to problems, but we learn from them. Being based in one of Indonesia’s iconic tourism destinations, Bali, we have explored the many businesses that want to look appealing and bring in customers without looking ‘cheap’.

By ‘cheap’ we mean without being too aggressive with heavy promotions and advertising that runs a risk of stripping away quality from the business. This problem is popular amongst food and beverage clients but can also apply to upscale digital marketing agencies. Work with Island Media Management to offer potential clients great deals while keeping your reputation intact.

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The discount dilemma

How can you offer your audience incentives on digital marketing channels without looking ‘cheap’? The answer is a strong branding foundation.

By understanding your brand on a deeper level, online marketing should be a piece of cake because you know what services to offer to specific, targeted audiences. This also sets a limit to advertising opportunities compared to offering audiences multiple funky promotions.

What we do at Island Media Management is strategically implement your business offers with suggested marketing tools for desired audiences. Making your business look like it’s professionally seeking specific potential customers with a valuable appeal. Here are the 3 intelligent strategies we believe can result successfully once you’ve discovered your brand:

1. The promotions aren’t available every day

If you’re promoting every week of every month, people will begin to feel that it is your business’ standard to promote. This causes customers to feel that your promotions were never valuable, to begin with.

Promoting should sound and appeal to the audience in a way that this offer won’t come around very often or anymore.

2. Customer’s love big savings

Who doesn’t love to save money when buying something they love? Especially if its luxury goods that they are after.

To offer cut prices a few times a year with valid reasoning (Christmas sale, New Year packages, etc) can look to potential customers that you’re selling a high-end service or product for a ‘special’ price. Advertising to have people reach out and engage with your business for these special prices is also a good tactic to maintain the value and quality of your business that draws in new and returning customers.

3. Customization, exclusivity, & customer rewards

Create promotions that make them feel they are part of a club with special benefits.

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In order to maintain the value of your promotions, you can target an existing audience such as loyal customers or people that showcase a love for your services. This makes your business seem more engaging and increases the chances of new customers who’d want to join your service for spectacular prices.

Other than owning a great business and providing great services, it all comes down to building a loyal band of followers who can help you spread the word and show potential customers what your business is capable of. We understand it’s not the easiest or fastest to work alone, work with Island Media Management to grow your business together produce not only fast and simple but effective results.

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