This is a question you may be asking yourself as a business owner. The cliche answer is “it depends,” but the most telling answer is “almost certainly.” In today’s customer-focused, real-time online marketing environment, it is almost inconceivable that any business would choose operate without a website.

Even for those business models where it is impossible to do direct sales over the internet, your company’s website is still a vitally important avenue for potential customers to access information about your products and services. Any business, large or small, must have a website to provide worldwide exposure to its brand.

What if I don’t need worldwide exposure?

While it’s true that nearly any website is accessible globally, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers are that far away. My last post here on our internet marketing blog was about the importance of Local SEO. Increasingly, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! are placing ever more relevance on search results that are geographically close to the searcher.

How does this play out for Bali-, and Indonesia-based businesses?

Well, there’s a lot of competition these days for limited space on the front page of search engine results pages. With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, top results are becoming even more important as mobile users are less likely to scroll through multiple pages to find a solution to their needs. Bali and Indonesia are no exceptions to these pressures.

We work with businesses, large and small, to develop custom internet marketing solutions to help you meed your marketing goals. Need help improving your website’s prominence in the search engines? We do that. Need help interacting with potential customers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+? Yep, we do that too. Don’t even have a website yet? Give us a call and let us explain our custom website design services in Bali.

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