Feeling lost with the constant change in the Instagram algorithm and all the newest updates? Here is a complete list with all the latest Instagram updates you should know about, and how to use them!  

Instagram Alerts Users When Friends Are Online


instagram Update 2018

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Instagram now shows when your friends are online. It makes it easier to connect with friends, and brands you want to chat with, by letting you know when they’re available. The online status will be indicated with a bright green dot. This could be an advantage for brands, especially if they’re using Instagram direct messages as part of their outreach.


Time Management Tools


Latest Instagram Update 2018

Instagram will tell you the average amount of time you’ve spent on the app each day. You can also set a daily time limit and they will send you an alert when you have reached this amount. This feature makes you aware of how much time you spend on Instagram, and what days you are on there the most.


Recommended Posts (IN TESTING)


Latest Instagram Update 2018

The recommended post feature is still being tested by Instagram, but will look like this. At the bottom of the feed, it will show several post recommendations that the algorithm believes the user might like to see. 

This is based on the activity of the user, the posts he liked and hashtags he follows but, most importantly, these recommended posts will be from accounts that the user isn’t already following.

If you want to increase the chances of having your post in someone’s recommended list, stay close to your target niche, engage with accounts that share the same interest and use the same hashtags.


Spotify Songs Sharing Tools for Stories


Latest Instagram Update 2018


You can select the song sticker in your Instagram stories. This is linked with Spotify and will let your audience listen to the song you have selected.

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