Choosing the best landing page for your E-commerce PPC campaigns

October 27, 2017


Rich information about how your AdWord campaigns are performing are both a blessing and a curse.

In one scenario, you could be looking for details about finding areas where you can optimize your campaigns. But because the internet is just swarming with data, you can potentially get lost because of the noise. Because of this complication, digital marketers tend to only focus on a fraction of AdWords when analyzing the campaigns, some focused factors include: Impressions, Clicks, Quality scores, CPC’s, and CPA’s.

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Of course, all of them should be taken into account, but they’re only one-half of your campaign. The half that’s dedicated to observing every move of a potential customer to click an ad that brings them to your website. Yet, what happens once the visitor is in your website? In other words, how is your landing page performing?

Why should you be concerned when selecting the right landing pages for your ads? It is basic digital marketing practice to have a landing page to introduce your business’s brand before the visitor explores even further into your services.

Unfortunately, some people only follow this standard at default and template landing pages. Making you miss out on e-commerce opportunities and gains. In our experience, Island Media Management believes in the two most basic landing pages with each a specific advantage you can benefit from.

  1. The product page A popular example for an e-commerce business’s landing page is the product or service page. This is when visitors click on an ad campaign selling a specific product or service. This page can also include customer reviews, a detailed description of the product or service, and features a shopping cart.

    The key benefit The ultimate reason you want to send your potential customers to the product or service landing page is so they have quick access to the shopping cart and won’t have to spend time navigating.

    Also, if they are specifically looking for something and your ad’s landing page leads them exactly to that, this increases the chances of conversion.

  2. The search page The search page is one of the most underrated landing page when it comes to digital marketing expertise. This landing page features your products or services compiled into categories or groups that don’t require special configuration and have a default setting to push your company’s most popular products or services to the top.
  3. landing page - ppc campaignsThe key benefit By making your search page a landing page on your ads come with a unique advantage that saves your time not digging into codes. Work with Island Media Management to grow your business together ot produce not only fast and simple but effective results. Have a peek at our website here to learn more about our specialties and clients we work with.

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