Tips for Writing Successful LinkedIn Articles (Part 1)

June 26, 2015

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Every writer dreams of becoming an authoritative figure who everyone will want to listen to when he or she pens or keys down. Writers with an SEO agenda have a little bit more than that dream because for them, the success of their writing is commensurate to the success of websites that they represent. It is therefore not unusual to see writers jump to opportunities presented to them with this regard. One such opportunity is the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that’s oriented towards business and professionals. It gives writers the opportunity to showcase their content to millions of eyes. Therefore, you can become successful here, but only if the quality of your work is good enough with regards to the demographics of this site.

Successful Articles on LinkedIn

If you plan to write an article for LinkedIn, here are tips that will help you write successful articles:

1. Appeal to a diverse audience

infographic linkedin tipsAs much as you may want to write for yourself, at the back of your mind you should know the audience is what makes or breaks the success of your articles. With over 300 million members who are professionals, what you post on LinkedIn should aim to target what the large percent of that wants to know.

Bear in mind that your audience is diverse, and from all corners of the globe. Therefore, you must also write in a language and a tone that is widely known. Comments from readers will normally let you know if you are on target or not, so read each one of the responses your article gets here.

2. Use catchy headlines

Before writing any article, you should always try to visualize the look of its content and give it a name. Make sure that you give your article a catchy headline. The headline is the first section of your article to be read and it therefore defines the level to which the audience will be interested in reading the rest of your work.

What’s a catchy headline?

a) It’s easy to read and understand

b) Should be inviting

c) It’s very easy to spot

d) That which is able to ignite the desire and curiosity to learn more

3. Dwell on quality not quantity

A good article length can be defined as one that captures and delivers the message as intended. A well written article will be long enough to educate and convey the message, and short enough to captivate and maintain the audience. Short paragraphs with relatively short sentences make it easy for your audience to absorb the message you are relaying to them without much effort.

The optimal length of an article is what you’ll have after the act of careful balancing of your important points and your writing skills. So instead of dwelling much on the length of the article, think of the substance of what you want to say and let that determine the length that will be suitable.

Keep Improving Your LinkedIn Page!

As a writer, you have it in your power to decide how well your articles will work, based on the effort you put to bring out a piece that will be acceptable where you place it. So, if you are going to write for LinkedIn, follow those tips.

We want to hear your experience as LinkedIn user to promote your professional skill or your company. If you have any other effective strategies that would be useful to improve our LinkedIn page, please let us know.

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