Tips for Writing Successful LinkedIn Articles (Part 2)

June 29, 2015  |   Advertising, Social Media

In the previous post, we have provided some tips that you can do to write professional article on LinkedIn. This post will show you more about other effective strategies that you could use to improve your professional LinkedIn page.

Tips To Write Successful Articles on LinkedIn

If you plan to write an article for LinkedIn, here are other tips that will help you write successful articles:

1. Develop your content calendar

content calendar LinkedInAnother success tip at LinkedIn is following a consistent publishing program for your work. There is no use of pushing so many of your articles at random and then burn out because you have run out of ideas. Also, people like to follow a pattern, so provide one.

Adapt a calendar that you are religiously committed to so that you are able to consistently satisfy an audience. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly are among the time spans you can choose, as long as you keep it consistent. It really depends on the one you see working best for you and your readers.

2. Adapt the use of images on your post

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use some images on the article you are about to publish on the LinkedIn platform and speak volumes. Visually pleasing images that enhance your message make your audience understand your articles better without having to digest all the text.

Invest in well put together pictures and other visual media on strategic parts of your piece, giving your audience an epic journey through your write up. Successful LinkedIn articles are those articles that captivate readers enough to get a response, and one with good imagery will certainly do that.

3. Good grammar, of course

An article that is well put grammatically is bound to have its content understood wholly. An article full of grammatical errors is downright agonizing to read, and few people can stand that pain long enough to finish reading. Now, LinkedIn being a place for professionals, chances of success for such an article are not even near zero.

Good grammar should extend from properly constructed sentences and well spelled words to proper language and a friendly conversational tone. Imagine how you would write to the boss of a company asking for a job, and keep that in mind when writing your article.

Improve Your LinkedIn Page Now!

LinkedIn success symbolAs a writer, you have it in your power to decide how well your articles will work, based on the effort you put to bring out a piece that will be acceptable where you place it. So, if you are going to write for LinkedIn, follow those tips.

If you have other effective tips that would be beneficial to write successful article on LinkedIn, please let us know.

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