How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign #2

August 31, 2015  |   Advertising

How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

In the previous post regarding low budget Google Ads campaign, we already discussed about some tips how to manage an effective one. Once again, Google Ads campaign doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as we have a good strategy, we can maintain it with low budget.

In this post, we’re gonna show you more tips that you can use to manage a low budget Google Ads Campaign.

Easy Tips To Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

Target Keywords according to industry

Ensure that you are up to date with the industry’s best practices. You can do this by finding out about the ad campaigns of other players mainly their budget, copies and keywords through tools such as or

This can help improve the list of keywords that make the ad to display.

Look out for overlapping keywords

If you are using duplicate or similar keywords for different ad campaigns, the keywords are likely to compete against each other. Therefore, ensure that your ad campaigns are devoid of keywords that are overlapping.

Go head to head with your competitors

You can use the name of your industry leaders or competitors as keywords for your campaign (be sure to observe trademark policies) to get impressions. This should be done with caution.

For instance, do not use their name on the ad copy. Secondly, you can frame the ad copy to be a true reflection of what visitors will see on the landing page. This will help prevent a high bounce rate.

Enhance your campaign with features

In most cases, you may have more than one campaign to target different devices and locations. Consequently, this spreads the budget making it thinner. If you have a low budget, always keep the maximum number of campaigns at three, but bid higher for those locations that give you huge business.

If you cannot match a bid, focus on Ad position

You do not always have to be at the top of ad results in order to get noticed. Instead, you can have the ads in strategic positions like the top three places. When you do not keep track of the position of your ads, it increases the chances of getting impressions or clicks from immature searchers.

How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

Optimize based on the nature of business

It is advisable to optimize your ad campaigns based on your marketing vertical. For instance, if a blog about travel is likely to generate more traffic on weekends than weekdays.

Analyze the performance of your campaign before changing

Checking your ad campaign regularly to see how it is performing is of utmost importance to success. Avoid making changes before you have adequate data in form of conversions, clicks and impressions.

Check the quality score

Knowing the quality score is another vital component of a successful low budget Google Ads campaign. The quality score is dependent on the ad relevance, click through rate and landing page experience. The general ad position is dependent on the quality score and CPC. In essence, a good quality score is a result of performance of keywords, high click through rate and a landing page that loads fast.

Branded campaigns

If you have a brand name that is well known, you can use your name in the ad copy. Having your brand name as a keyword for your ad copy can pocket too because it is not a high bid. However, if you are fairly new in the industry, it is advisable to experiment with your name as you gradually build your brand. You can also target those words that are difficult to achieve through organic searches.

Conversion and targeted optimized landing pages

Your landing page is vital for the success of your ad campaign. The page should be judged on parameters of content originality, navigability, transparency and relevance. Be sure to have a good page otherwise do not expect any conversions from outdated and poorly structured landing pages.

Track cost per acquisition

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) shows the amount charged to your account for each conversion. When you have had your campaign running for weeks and realize that you are paying more, you can adjust the ad.

How to Manage a Low Budget Google Ads Campaign

Structure Your Campaign to Fit into Your Budget!

If you have a limited budget to run a Google Ads campaign, don’t Worry! There are many tools that you can use to manage your campaign to fit into your budget. You just need to plan a proper strategy to make it effective.

If you have other tips to run a low budget Google Ads campaign, please let us know.

If you need the help of an expert in this area either manage Google Ads campaign or to help you find a way to increase ROI, feel free to reach out to our team.

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