Video is the future of marketing and if your brand is not leveraging this tool, you are headed for trouble. A study by Unbouce shows video content on a landing page increases conversion by 80%. Adding video in your email campaign increases open-through rate by 200-300% according to Forrester marketing - video social media

While this marketing tool has immense benefits, making your visuals go viral remains a mirage for most marketers. How do you get your content to go viral? Here are some simple ideas:

1. Play on Emotions

If you are looking for viral success, make sure your video evokes strong emotions.  It should have an upbeat note tospur the viewers to share. Research by Professor Katherine Milkman shows people are more motivated by happyemotions and your video must strike an emotional chord in your target audience.

2. Keep it Short

Internet users are infamous for their short attention span. Your target audience loves it short and sweet and this should be a priority during production. A study on New York Times shows 44.1% of viewers will click away after
watching your content for 1 full minute. You must ensure the fantastic bit in your video comes first; never save the best for last.

Social Media and Website – Why You Need Both3. Interact

One thing that keeps customers away from a brand is lack of connection. Most marketing is just too impersonal and this turns off potential customers. You should be involved in your video to give it a personal touch. Your content should be engaging to keep viewers glued to the screen.  If they love what they see, they will definitely share.

4. Stay Current

Your marketing team should stay up to date with the fast-changing internet landscape. If there is a popular meme going around, latch onto it in order to leverage on its growing popularity. Your content should be current because this is what the internet users are looking for.

5. Inspire

There is so much gloom around and viewers are looking for something uplifting. Upworthy’s success online is the best example of how the right content can make your video go viral. Inspiring videos are readily shared because everybody wants to cheer friends and family.

6. Educate

Internet users are always searching for new information. Your target audience craves for something new and hence your video must educate.  Whether you are selling cars or clothes, there are unique ideas you can incorporate into your videos to make them interesting and informative.

It is true that making a viral video is not easy but by staying simple and creating catchy content, the chances of going viral are much higher. Keep these ideas in mind when creating your video and engage your audience today.

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