During the budgeting season, your hotel should already be planning how, when, and, where you should be investing in 2018.

On today’s blog, Island Media Management will be offering business owners expert tips to help you divide your budget for two main areas that could determine how successful you will be in the future – your hotel website and digital marketing strategy.

new website

To invest in a revamped website can play a huge role on your hotel’s direct bookings and profit margins. However is now the right time for your hotel be making an investment? The only way to judge is on based on concrete metrics and subjectivity. In addition to relying on solid evidence, it is also helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my current hotel website guide users to the hotel and its location?
    Sensory rich language, engaging content, location highlights, and quality images are the ingredients to a visually stunning mental picture that should be enough to inspire travelers and keep them longer on the page.
  2. Where does my hotel website stand amongst local competitors?
    Do a little research on your local competitors. If there are websites doing a better job in showcasing their hotel, location, and amenities, it’s time to give your website a makeover.
  3. Does my hotel website’s tone of voice sell the property better than OTA’s?
    In the tug-of-war to get direct bookings, your hotel website should be at its best performance to represent your property online.

    Take a look at OTA listings and crowd source content on social media platforms. Be honest with yourself and start comparing to see if your website really does a better job of selling the property.

Setting a budget

At Island Media Management, we believe that a well-designed and executed website is the key component to a successful integrated marketing strategy.

The cost of a new website can quickly be returned via proven increased direct bookings, so it’s crucial to look at a new or improved website as an investment, not an expense. The hospitality industry in Bali is growing increasingly more competitive. Take into consideration the potential of website development in digital marketing.

Once you build it, will they come?

design a new website

Ever heard of the digital marketing mantra “if you build it they will come”? It is simply incorrect when applied to e commerce. As one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Bali, Island Media Management believes that improving rankings can not only be done via SEO and social media management. However from a good backbone to a visually appealing website with related and enticing content. To learn more about our website development service, click this link.

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