How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website Part 1

June 3, 2016

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Have you ever used your mobile devices to visit your own site and become frustrated with how slow the system works? If there is nothing wrong with your internet connection or your phone, what can possibly be the cause of the unresponsiveness?

In this article we are going to help you properly mobilize your website, as recommended by Google, so that you don't lose a business over small important details.

Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile friendly website is one that has been designed, developed and optimized so that each user, no matter which mobile device they are using, gets the best experience possible. To explain this further, here are some common characteristics of a mobile friendly website:

  • Navigation has been simplified and clearly laid out to make page / post selection easy
  • Design elements have been compressed, replaced or removed to simplify usage
  • Content has been laid out to allow for mobile consumption
  • Phone numbers are setup for click to call functionality
  • Addresses are setup to use the device’s map functionality
  • Calls to action are setup to work with simple forms or the device’s email functionality

Perhaps another helpful way to explain “mobile friendly” is to look at some common characteristics of a non-mobile friendly website:

  • Viewing the website requires a lot of scrolling (left to right, top to bottom) before any navigation or content is seen
  • Navigation, calls to action and other content is too small to click on with your finger without hitting multiple options at the same time
  • Viewing requires zooming out or zooming in constantly
  • Clicking on phone numbers and addresses doesn’t do anything
  • Trying to fill out, or even view, form fields makes you want to pull your hair out

If you have not spent time working on the mobile version of your website or have spoken with your web developer about it, then chances are that your website probably meets most of the characteristics of a non-mobile friendly website.

Mobile Website Best Practices

There are three ways to provide your mobile users with a better user experience than just allowing them to see your current, unoptimized website. Although all three of these options can technically be used at the same time, it is recommended that you understand who your users are, what they need to see and how you want to communicate your business to them so that you can focus your resources on the single best option.

Here are the three main options to make your website mobile-friendly:

Find out how you can implement these options to your website on our next article: How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website Part 2!

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