6 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Marketing

July 1, 2016


Digital marketing provides immense opportunities for modern businesses. Nevertheless, budgets continue growing and new challenges are emerging, which calls for marketers to think outside the box. While the potential in online marketing is immense, you have to get it right if you are to avoid the pitfalls that ruin most marketing campaigns.  Here are some of the major mistakes to avoid in your online marketing strategy:

social media marketing mistakes

Lack of Strategy

Before launching your beautiful ads on YouTube, sit back and create a plan.  This should be the first step before even creating those ads. Every marketing campaign has its own objectives and these must be clearly delineated.  You must set the goals, timeline and evaluation tools in place before you launch.

Failure to Identify the Audience

Every marketer acknowledges the importance of identifying the audience. However, when it comes to digital marketing, things might get fuzzy and most marketers will not care to identify their target audience. You must evaluate the target audience in order to identify their preferences and also take time to see how your competition is connecting with this audience.

Ignoring SEO

SEO is dead, right? It is an assertion you might have heard from naysayers but your business is doomed if you don’t optimize for search engines. The alternative is to assume you will create your ads and Google will miraculously find them from the billions of similar ads available. Without online presence, your brand is as good as dead.  The content you create must be optimized for search engines in order to rank highly for target keywords leading to more viewership.

Failure to Optimize for Mobile

Most internet users use mobile devices to log into your website. In fact, most videos on YouTube are viewed on tablets and Smartphones. If your marketing content is not mobile-friendly, then you are in for big trouble.Travel Industry: Tips to Choose A Relevant Audience for Your Facebook Campaigns

Trying Every Digital Marketing Tool

While digital marketing is guaranteed to promote your business, you must avoid trying all tactics in the book. Not only will your team be overwhelmed, but there’s also a likelihood you will not meet your objectives. It is important to create content around your audience and the strategy you have chosen.

Cutting Shortcuts

Avoid paying for followers and if your SEO expert recommends black hat techniques, stay away. Not only will these shortcuts hurt your website’s ranking on search engines results but they will also cripple the impetus your marketing has already achieved.

It’s also important to avoid poorly written content or using every social media platform available.  The best digital marketing campaign must be well targeted and should be executed by an expert marketer. If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy, contact our Island Media Management digital marketing experts team!

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