Why optimize your websites for mobile devices

March 10, 2013


UPDATE- 21 November 2014: Google is now identifying mobile-responsive websites directly in its results pages. Read the newest article about the importance of responsive website design here.

Can you imagine what you would have thought if you had seen one of the latest mobile devices twenty years ago? I think we would have all looked on in amazement at what these devices can do. I remember using my PC exclusively for searching on the internet and would never have dreamed of using a mobile device for something like that. These days’ people don’t fell right if they don’t have their mobile phone or tablet with them at all times. I can count how many times I have complained to my girlfriend about using her mobile device too much; it really is part of day to day life.

Optimize your website for mobile devices
Mobile device users demand a website optimized for them

Searched aimed at mobile devices

As we have moved through the years PC’s have evolved to laptops, and now mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. How we search has also changed over the years. I remember using Yahoo as the main search engine until we came across this “Google” search engine that changed everything. Suddenly searches are becoming more and more relevant to what the user is looking for; great content is more readily found. We now optimize our websites so that when people search our web pages will show up high in the rankings, hopefully.

It is now becoming more and more important for websites to think about mobile users. Looking at global statistics it is clear that more and more people are using mobile devices to search the internet. This opens more avenues for businesses to reach new customers. Consumers are using their mobile devices while they shop, they look for brand information and customer reviews prior to making purchases. It makes sense; we all do it these days.

People demand information quickly and mobile websites can supply that. These days you can take a photo of a product and then discover reviews about that product immediately online; determining where to buy and the best price.

Optimizing for mobile devices

So what can you do to optimize your site for mobile users? Knowing your customer is critical as this enables you to focus on the right keywords. People want to see businesses that are close to them so using Google maps and geotargeting is important. Ensuring that your mobile site loads quickly and allows customers to contact you straight away; remember there is a great chance that someone will call you from their mobile device; if you make it easy to connect then your chances of more customers’ increase.

Next time you pick up your smart phone keep in mind what you are searching for and web sites that you visit. It is never too late to optimize your website for mobile devices.

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