What is Mobile First Website Design?

June 17, 2019

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Mobile first website design is one of the surefire ways to future-proof your online platform. It is increasingly one of the primary ways a website derives its traffic from.

There are about 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide.


Think about that number for a second. That is a staggering amount of users, just from mobile web users alone. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, about 25% of web users browse purely from their mobile device only.

That means for some people they would only see the mobile version of a website, which is an important fact to consider.

To better understand the concept of mobile-centric design, it is a good idea to visit these concepts first.


Mobile Responsive Web Design

This concept refers to an approach to web design that allows web content to fit the screens of mobile devices automatically – displaying them in a way that is digestible and comfortable to read. The basic purpose is to minimize unnecessary actions or operations by the users as they navigate through your site, this includes but is not limited to, zooming, panning, and excessive scrolling while browsing through a website.


Mobile First Website Design

Progressive Enhancement Vs. Graceful Degradation

These two terms are used to describe how web sites or applications display their content on different devices.

Progressive enhancement means that when we build a design for a website, we start by making the design for the lower browser that includes the basic functions and features (such as a mobile browser). Once that is completed, we advance the design to accommodate the interface for tables or PCs by adding more features and effects.

On the other hand, Graceful Degradation starts the design from the advanced top end, such as a PC interface with complete features and layout. The designers will then accommodate other screen sizes and mobile devices by gradually stripping away certain features or content to make them suitable for the mobile platform.

We hope this has given you insight into what exactly is mobile first design and why you should consider it for your own brand or business.

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