Here is the third part of the article, after we explained further about the difference between two out of three ways to mobilize your website, we are now going to end the last part of this topic with the importance of a responsive website for your business.

The power of a Responsive Website

Creating a Responsive Website

Onto our favorite, and recommended, option to mobilize your website. If investing tens of thousands of dollars to properly build a mobile application or using a workaround, in a mobile website, is not something you’re interested in, then going with a responsive website is your best option. This option is not only something that imFORZA recommends (and specializes in) but is also something publicly supported by Google as well.

What is a responsive website?How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website - Part 3

A responsive website is one that uses fluid, flexible layouts that adapt to the screen that the website is being displayed on. This is accomplished by using CSS media queries and using layouts that respond to the screen size and orientation of the device being used. Responsive websites display the best layout based on the device being used, thus making it a fantastic option for ensuring the mobility of your website. A perfect example of a responsive website is the one you are on right now, View our website on your iPhone, iPad, computer or even your TV to see how it adapts appropriately.

What does it take to build a responsive website?

Building a responsive website may be your most affordable option depending on the stage of your website. If you have not built a website, then going with a responsive design is highly recommended and really should not cost you anything more than what you may pay a designer / developer for building a website for you. If you already have a website that you would like to be made into a responsive website, then you may be subject to some additional costs as rebuilding an existing website into a responsive one is usually not a quick, simple task. By going the responsive route, you avoid having to build a mobile application (unless you really, really want to) and developing a mobile website.

Do you need a responsive website?

custom web designIf you cannot afford a mobile application (or don’t need one) and would prefer to deliver a consistent experience to your users across all devices (recommended), then a responsive website is most definitely the best way to go.

If you have an extremely complex website and/or your business is more focused on providing a highly aesthetic, large image heavy design, then responsive web design may not be for you. We have come across very few scenarios where a responsive website was not the best option so we highly encourage you to consider building a new responsive website or rebuilding your current website to be responsive.

Go Mobile

Your mobile user traffic is most likely increasing month to month so it is more important than ever to get your business’ mobile strategy in gear. Starting with a mobile friendly website should be your first priority, whether you decide to use one or all of the options provided above.

When you are ready to take the next step to mobilizing your website, then we would love to help. We have created many successful, effective responsive websites and would love the opportunity to do the same for your business.

The impact of having a mobile responsiveness should not be belittled and it is essential to develop your business. With 80% of users generally having to use their smartphone to access your site, it is time to consider the responsiveness element.You can contact our team to know more and how we can help you to achieve a mobile-friendly site.

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