Why Is It Important to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

December 12, 2016


People accessing your website today will do so using a variety of devices. The assumption that it will be on a laptop or personal computer no longer holds because many people are using tablets and smartphones to access the internet. If your website was created a while back, chances are that it did not have a format that allowed for mobile display (mobile friendly). It therefore will not render well when viewed on such devices. It is important that your website be compatible with mobile devices.

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Mobile Friendly

Well, what is a mobile friendly site? It is simply one that has a design that allows it to display in the right way even on screens that are smaller, such as smartphones and smaller tablets. A website that has been optimized for mobile devices will automatically adjust to fit the smaller screen. The interface and content will be adjusted so that it is mobile friendly in the following manner:

  1. The text will become larger making it easy to read
  2. The navigation will be mobile friendly
  3. The page elements and buttons will be touch friendly
  4. The speed for downloads will increase

What is the Importance of This?

Since more people are using mobile visitors to access your business website, you need to ensure that the experience they have is a positive one, regardless of the device they are using. If they find that your website is difficult to use when on a smartphone or other mobile device, or it takes eons to download, they will simply look at your competitor’s website instead. Here are some advantages of having a website that is mobile friendly:

  1. Your search visibility will improve
  2. The user experiences improves
  3. Lead generation is augmented
  4. Brand identity is enhanced

Beginning on April 21, 2015, having a mobile optimized website became important to Google. They began to give preference to such sites. This means that if you have visitors who will be accessing your site on mobile devices, it can impact your visibility online in a big way. As such, if your visitors have great experience on your website using a wide variety of devices, your chances of increasing in visibility become higher. Furthermore, these same visitors are able to convert to leads and on to new business for you. Because you have no idea which type of device your visitors will be using, making sure that you are optimized for them all will be of benefit to you.

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