Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher – starting soon!

February 27, 2015

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We have been saying for a long time now that a mobile friendly site is important. Well now you should know that there have been big changes to Google’s search algorithms to give precedence to mobile friendly websites.

Mobile friendly Websites Highlighted

Mobile friendly website is highlighted in Google searches
An example of a mobile website being highlighted in

You may have already seen in the Google listings that there is a notification to say that a site is mobile friendly, when you are searching from your mobile device. This has been happening since last year.

You can see from the image to the right that the second listing in this example has a “mobile-friendly” tag at the start of the description of the site. This makes it more likely that someone will click on this listing, rather than the listing above or below, when using a mobile device.

Coming soon though, Google with increase the ranking of sites which are mobile compatible so they appear much higher in the search results.

Google is telling us that the changes will have a huge impact on all mobile searches globally, and in all languages. As always Google is just trying to improve the quality of their search results.

Testing your site

We all know annoying and difficult it is to look at a site that is not mobile friendly when you are on your smart phone. That makes these changes great news for mobile users and it should encourage anyone who does not have a mobile friendly website to get off their back side and build one.

If you want to test your site to see if it is already mobile friendly then Google has a dedicated page over at their Google Tools department where you can quickly test your web site.

Not mobile friendly, we have a team waiting here at Island Media Management that can solve that problem for you. All you have to is send us a link to your site and we will provide you with some solutions.

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