Expert Tips for Mobile PPC

June 22, 2015


Mobile PPC has been a rising trend that every business needs to embrace to not only increase leads, but also sales. This is supported by the fact that more than 50% of Google’s searches are derived from mobile. Simply put, more people have access to the internet through their mobile devices.

Interestingly, less than 50% of companies and agencies have a distinct mobile strategy.

Effective Strategies for Mobile PPC

If you are looking into doubling your leads, here are some expert tips for mobile PPC that you can incorporate in your mobile strategy.

Mobile friendly landing pages

mobile PPC - picturesHaving mobile optimized landing pages is crucial for the success of your mobile PPC strategy. This is rather obvious yet often overlooked as most companies direct search engine users from their PPC account to their services and products on the desktop landing pages.

Most importantly, ensure an automatic conversion for the different mobile keyboards to numeric vs. Alphabetical, depending on whether it’s a phone number or name. Mobile PPC campaigns will yield better results only when your landing pages are mobile friendly.

Mobile keywords

Mobile visitors have a different end goal and mindset compared to the desktop users, hence the need to design your mobile PPC accordingly. Moreover, they tend to use short search queries owing to the nature of devices that they use, hence the need to adapt your strategy to suit this characteristic.

This means that you need to have short headlines and a fast loading time because in most cases, the internet connection for many mobile users is slow. Be sure to use broad match keywords. Integrating mobile keywords is an excellent strategy of driving traffic as well as getting conversions from mobile users.

Phone calls

Smartphones offer a wide range of options in terms of usage, from making calls to texting, accessing social media, running apps and even sending emails. You can take advantage of these options by allowing search engine users to call you via mobile through call only campaigns and call extensions. Phone calls are thrice as valuable as clicks.

In fact, this can lead to over 50% increase in calls from clients and subsequent sales.

Include “mobile” when displaying your ad URLs

Adding “m” at the beginning of URLs makes it clear that your site is mobile optimized. This is particularly advantageous when your competitors are advertising their sites by adding “mobile site” when per click picture

Make Your Mobile PPC Works!

mobile PPC will only work for you if you take into consideration the tips discussed above. Remember, it is not only about making the site look good on mobile, but incorporating other SEO tips for best results.

We want to hear your experience in using Mobile PPC to accelerate your business. If you have any other input about mobile PPC that would be useful to share, please let us know.

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