Does your PPC Campaign Pass the Mobile Test?

July 3, 2015  |   Marketing

Looking for success online? Then you simply can’t ignore mobile technology. Any online marketer will tell you that mobile technology plays, and will continue to play, an important role in online communication. Mobile technology is more easily avail able and affordable to the larger population and therefore ought to play a critical role in your search marketing strategy.

What the Stats Say?

If you haven’t already optimized your search marketing strategy for mobile, then you may not be aware of the impact mobile technology will have on your overall online advertising strategy. Perhaps the stats below will help you understand why optimization for mobile is critical. • A recent study by Google showed that more than 70% of mobile consumers used search engines to get information online. (Google) • The same Google study showed that more than 90% of the people carrying out searches on mobile went on to make a purchase. • Mobile searches for local businesses are expected to exceed desktop searches in 2015. (eMarketer) • Over half of the paid search clicks on Google in 2015 are expected to originate from mobile. (Search Engine Land)

Do you pass the mobile test?

mobile ppc campaignAs more online marketers realize the potential of mobile, the competition is likely to rise. We are likely to see a rise in the cost-per-acquisition. If you want to counteract this trend, you need to ensure that your PPC campaign is optimized for mobile conversions. The following are three major factors to help you determine whether your PPC campaign will pass the mobile test:

1. Using mobile-specific keywords

People making searches on mobile are usually very specific. They are usually searching for something to meet an immediate need. This should be your focus when marketing for mobile. In order to have an effective mobile campaign, it is important to use keywords that are mobile-specific. You may need to talk to your customers or use a conversion analytics tool to find those keywords that are used by mobile audiences. When searching for mobile-specific keywords, it is important to remember that interaction on mobile should drive at immediate conversion. This means that your landing pages and ads should be directed towards meeting the customers’ needs and not your own goals.

2. Including click-to-call buttons

Mobile users differ from desktop users in that they have to make use of their limited time and screen space. Most mobile users want to get the information they need as quickly as possible. The small screen is also quite inconvenient in carrying out various tasks such as filling out forms. Making it easier for your mobile audience to get information will encourage them to convert much faster. Including a click-to-call button on your landing page makes it easier for your mobile audience to get information directly from you and thus make a decision much faster.

3. Include clear contact information

Including location details, call extensions and site information will help you drive more conversions from mobile. Mobile audiences are interested in learning more about where you are and how they can find you.

Make Your PPC Campaign Works for Mobile

Making your PPC campaign mobile-ready will greatly improve your overall online marketing strategy. If you haven’t already done so, get started now. If you have other strategies to improve mobile PPC campaign that would be beneficial to share, please let us know.

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