The term ‘Mobilegeddon’ has become a big part of content marketing. It refers to Google’s SEO changes whereby websites not catering to mobile users will see a big downward swing in their rankings.

It makes sense when you think about it. After all, 56% of all content is consumed via social media devices, and this is only expected to change as time goes on. Thankfully, content marketers do have ways of avoiding Mobilegeddon.

Tips for Content Marketers to Survive Mobilegeddon


1. Find Your Position

Google has its own tool for helping you to find out whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Once you pass the rest, Googlebot will show you what Google sees. It also provides a number of tips for catering to mobile users.

If you fail the test, Google will tell you this and show you how to make your website into a mobile-friendly one. An easy way of doing this is to simply type your website into Google from a smartphone. The Meta description will show whether it’s mobile-friendly or not.



2. Bear Your Audience in Mind

Google realizes that customers control everything. If you decide you need to alter your marketing strategy, do it because it will help your customers not because Google says so. Google doesn’t contribute anything to your revenues.

You know what your audience wants and how they access your website. Use your data to make decisions on any future changes.


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3. Grabbing Attention

On mobile devices, you’re competing with smartphone apps, other websites, and various other types of content. Consumers are bombarded with content all the same. You can make your content stand out better by making your headlines stand out more.

Here are some great tips for doing just that.

  • Providing a teaser.
  • Making it obvious what their click takes them to.
  • Targeting their pain points and empathizing with them.

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4. Make Content Easier to Consume

The way we consume content on mobile is entirely different to how we consume content everywhere else. You need to strike a balance between desktop and mobile users. It’s a tough scale to balance, but it can be done.

Home Page

Offer just a brief overview of your brand on your homepage. Create a basic call to action that focuses on the main points of interest on your website.

Interior Pages

This is where your content should be short and specific. Get right to the point. Mobile users should be able to scan the content, and if they choose to read it they should have no problems doing so.

Blog Content

Your blogs should begin with an overview of what’s in the post to cater to mobile users. Within the blog, you shouldn’t scrimp on the information. This is where you’re talking to readers not scanners.

Don’t Panic!

It’s easy to look at Google’s changes and begin to panic. That’s how the term ‘Mobilegeddon’ came about in the first place. Negative brands are looking at the alterations in this way. When we look deeper into it, we can see that Google are actually catering to the needs of customers.

They’re taking proactive steps to make browsing and shopping easier for mobile customers. Essentially, they’re identifying a need and providing a forceful solution. Ideally, this should be what you’re doing anyway.

keep calmon mobilegeddon

Of course, to make this work, you still have to identify what your target audience wants to see on mobile devices. You can find this out by:

1. Monitoring social media channels.

2. Sending out customer surveys.

3. Split testing.

This is a time-consuming process. Keep testing and keep meeting the needs and expectations of your customers. It will pay dividends!

Keep Improving Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is effective, efficient, and dynamic. You have to keep up to date and improve your digital marketing, especially in mobilegeddon and Google’s Mobile Friendly Update so that you can survive and grow your business.

You can use this research by the staff of Linkio as a guideline when doing SEO.

If you have any other tips for content marketing, please share with us!

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