Google Reveals New AdWords Products

July 31, 2015


If you know anything about online marketing, you know that Google is always working on something new. It’s understandable since the online market keeps shifting. In order for the search engine to continue leading the pack, it needs to lead the charge.

True to form, Google has launched new products for its customers who use AdWords. The new products are in response to what Google terms as the three most important needs of any online customer – the need to know, the need to go and the need to buy.

These, according to Google’s vice president of product management, are even more important to a customer than any particular brand.

New AdWords Product

Google Ads iconFor Google, the most important thing is the intention of the user at the instant of making a search and not who they are.

The design of the new Google Ads products aims to help marketers leverage these moments. They include:

1. Google Compare

This currently helps users to compare different insurance rates. Google plans to expand this into comparison of mortgage rates soon.

2. Shopping Ads

This will soon become more dynamic with increased images for hotel and automobiles. Users will have more pictures for car interiors and exteriors as well as information on details such as fuel consumption and horsepower and the nearest showroom with a particular model.

Hotel ads will have more enhancements to cut down the steps it takes to find the best place to stay. Users will get vital information such as location, availability, rates, street views and reviews in searches. These ads will also include a call-to-action button.

Google shopping ads

3. Redesign of Dynamic Search Ads

The redesign of Dynamic Search Ads is to help advertisers find what they’re looking for more easily. The tool will crawl over sites and categorize them. The tool will also provide suggested CPC’s for each category. Resizing of images will also been simplified.

A new reporting dashboard will be included for automated bidding. This should give the bidding process greater transparency. Users can view and control the performance of their bid strategies. In addition, a new simulation tool will provide marketers with information on the tradeoff between their cost and volume of their CPA targets.

4. New protocols

The introduction of new protocols will also allow marketers to have a better measure of the incremental impact of their Google Ads. Marketers will be able to select various attribution models for specific conversion types. They will therefore be able to look beyond the last-click model that they currently rely on.

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