Affordable Online Advertising For Retreat Centers

March 28, 2016  |   Blogging, Marketing, Social Media

Retreat centers can greatly benefit from online marketing, and this can be effectively done through online advertising. It will be very helpful in expanding your retreat center business reach, get new customers, and diversify revenue streams.

Visual Longing Advertisements

The proper advertising of services available in creates a visual longing in the clients to be part of the experience. This visually stimulating advertising can be done through the following ways.

1. Videos

YouTube has grown to be the most viewed video channel on the internet. It is the second most popular search engine site after Google. For anyone who owns a retreat center, your main aim should be to film a short, good quality video that highlights the best parts of the center. This video can be shot by an amateur as long as the person has a good eye and is creative. The services of a professional can also be used as long as you have the funding for it. Once you shoot a one or two minute long video, this can be placed on YouTube as an advertisement. When users log onto YouTube to view their favorite videos, they can get a glimpse of your short video advertisement. This type of advertising is cheaper and usually reaches a larger audience than other commercial means like televisions and billboards.

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2. Blogs

There are quite a large number of bloggers today who are more popular than newspapers. As a retreat center owner, you can identify travel blogs and lifestyle blogs that match your centers’ audience and portfolio. First, make sure that the blog is popular enough and garners a lot of views per hour, next approach the blogger and propose either a segment or advertising space on his or her blog. When you get a segment done about your retreat center, say in a travel blog, the thousands of readers reached will form a basis for your audience and will more likely generate some buzz about the center.


3. Social Media

Social media advertising, although similar, is not the same as social media marketing. Marketing is where you have dedicated social media pages that are managed daily whereas advertising is where a one to two-minute video advert, or a simple slide of an image or several images is placed within the social media site. When you decide to go that route, you need to ensure that you have good quality images and videos. This will be shown briefly throughout the day on the media sites that you prefer, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



Create Attractive Content

The most important point when it comes to online marketing is to create valuable content to attract visitors. By different way you can catch followers attention, and make them become your customers. You need to be creative to get the visibility that interest customers.

Do you use video, blogs or social media for your retreat center business? Or do you use other advertisement channels to inform customers about your business? Share with us your online advertising experience by commenting below.

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