What Online Community Managers Must Do

January 22, 2016  |   Marketing, Social Media

To help you manage your online reputation, here is the third article about how important is online reputation as we promised it to you.

Online Community Managers Tasks

In a company setting, an online community manager is the person who is directly responsibility for maintaining a good reputation on the internet. Some businesses have not invested in this all important resource simply because they do not think it is worth the expense and others believe it can be done by anybody. This is not true; online community management takes intelligence, empathy and extremely good communication skills. This is what these specialists are supposed to do:

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1. Get the Entire Company to Participate in Customer Satisfaction

Online reputation is a big percentage of offline action. The community manager must ensure that each employee or associate who comes into contact with a customer understands that it is his or her personal responsibility to get that positive review on the internet. First, it is through their action and second through actively campaigning to have the feedback.

2. Enforce and Monitor the Corporate Online Interaction Policy

You will realize that many employees do not realize that their actions online can negatively impact their employer’s brand involuntarily. Today, most companies have drawn their corporate policies towards online communication. Community managers should ensure that the brand is protected in such cases.

3. Develop a Crisis Management Approach

Once in a while, your company will find itself in a sticky public relations crisis and the reputation depends not on the crisis but on how it is handled. A community manager must recognize a crisis early enough, brainstorm with management and formulate an approach that will leave the online reputation intact or with minimal damage.

4. Reach Out to the Customer

A problem remains a problem if nobody has made an attempt to resolve it. As a customer, you realize that you paid money for a service, the company under-delivered and it is their duty to make you feel better about your disappointment. On the company’s part, it is their responsibility to build a system that reaches out and identifies problems before they get out of hand.

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5. Monitor Online Conversations

Find that complaint before it gets out of hand. Once on the internet, it gets a life of its own and it is the responsibility of the community manager to actively listen to all online conversations relating to their brand with the intention of making it right before it harms your reputation. Many customers admit that a negative review is a cry for attention and once they get it, they even offer to remove the reviews.

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6. Own the Conversation

Arguing with a customer offline or online is a recipe for disaster. You must own that conversation, rise above the differences and solve the problem. Your solution or response must be sincere, believable, and positively uplifting.

7. Promote Your Reputation

It is not enough to be perceived as a good business; you must actively promote the good reputation. You must let your potential customers know what others think about you. Brand awareness is all about promotion and the reputation is about building the trust.

Meet the Needs and Requirements

Last but not least, a business grows from strength to strength by capitalizing on meeting the needs and requirements of its customers. It is good practice to always review all your customers’ feedback and see whether the tone is changing; are they always commenting about the same thing?

What can you do different to ensure that once an issue is raised, you learn from it?

These are some of the questions that business should seek to answer in order to progress in this digital era.  If you have any great ideas to add to the conversation then let us know by leaving a comment below.

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