Setting Realistic Online Marketing Goals

August 28, 2014

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If you want to increase the traffic of your website, it’s important to set realistic and measurable marketing goals. But how do you know which goals you should set and if they are realistic? If you study the sales statistics, site traffic and customer acquisition, you’ll be able to set suitable and specific growth goals in those areas.

Life becomes much easier then to evaluate your efforts and determine if you are being successful.

online marketing goals

Check last year’s statistics.

Before you’re setting goals for the future, you have to look back at what you have accomplished in the past months. Use some of your site’s visit stats and break them down to average traffic counts. Find out from which sources most of your traffic came from – organic, via Social media or maybe through referrals?

You will start to understand how your site generates traffic and which resources you should be using. You will also find some room for improvement. For example, if your organic traffic is very low while your pay per click ads are generating a lot of traffic, you may want to set a goal to increase your organic traffic and stop relying so much on paid advertisement.

Know where your sales are coming from.

If you don’t know about marketing measurements and automation tools yet, it may be difficult to determine the real source of your leads, prospects and customers. It’s vital to understand where your leads are coming from because they present room for growth and help you to determine where the most qualified leads come from.

Having that information will fuel marketing campaigns and goals that build around the stats.

Map out specific goals and follow your strategy.

Whether you are trying to generate more traffic, more leads or customers in the future, you have to be specific and tackle your goals with a structured plan. Try to set percentage marketing goals for certain areas and provide a timetable to reach them in a set amount of time.

Conduct a little research to understand the tactics you need to adapt to achieve these goals. Blog more, engage in social media, explore more efficient conversion routes for your pay per click actions are a few ideas to start off. Growing your new website via inbound marketing might be a daunting task, but every website started from scratch, so don’t despair.


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