15 Stats from Online Marketing Strategies in Travel 2015

August 7, 2015


There are several findings from the recent studies that can boost your online marketing strategies. Online marketing in the travel industry is dynamic because tools and means of connecting with customers keep changing.

In 2014, digital audiences shifted from human interaction to digital research, booking and planning travels. As such, the industry that was at some point dominated by personal contact and customer service has now adapted new trends.

Statistics of Online Marketing Strategy in 2015

Here are key statistics that reveal the new trends in the industry and consumer behaviors.

1. TripAdvisor mobile app is the most downloaded app by travelers at 42% followed by Priceline, Expedia and Orbitz at 15%, 14% and 13% respectively.

2. TripAdvisor has 139 reviews written per minute.tripadvisor with mobile devices

3. 25 to 60 percent of visitors are lost with every click along the path of mobile buying.

4. 69 percent of travel searches start online via mobile devices.

5. On average, users check mobile devices 150 times per day.

6. People spend three hours on digital media through mobile devices.

7. In the last year, there were 60 million tweets mentioning hotels.

8. Vacations were mentioned in 21 million tweets.

9. 70% of the followers of the tweets took action on seeing content about traveling on Twitter.

10. 70% of Instagram users look for brands online.

11. 50% of all travel sales will entail several devices in 2016.

12. 75% of consumers get frustrated when the content that they get online fails to relate to what interests them.

13. There are 18% conversions of email campaigns of Ritz Carlton. Thus, email marketing is still effective.

14. 92% of a website’s visitors do not return. This makes remarketing very important.

15. Automated emails are sent by 27% of all hotels only before arrival and after departures.

These stats from online marketing strategies show that apart from conducting research online, planning stages also occur online. This implies that there are customer needs that can be met by service providers in the travel industry by placing highly targeted data and information online.

Service providers who fail to provide the information that travelers want will lose business opportunities because they will look for it somewhere else and probably book services from their competitors.

Understand the Challenge!

Service providers in the travel industry should understand the challenges, needs and motivations of typical travelers on the basis of what has been asked for by previous clients, and then come up with online marketing strategies that will fulfill them.

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