Optimizing your Google My Business listing can help to boost your local SEO efforts, increase conversions and drive new leads to your business. This has become more important than ever as more and more users find the information they are looking for through the map pack (the three map locations that show up in a search listing).

Here are the top 8 ways you can optimize your Google My Business Listing; for improved local SEO and user conversion:

Claim / Verify for your business

It is vital to own your Google My Business Listing. If you have not already done this, do it today! You will need to have access to a Google email address and be able to receive a Post Card from Google to verify your location.

Many businesses in Indonesia struggle with the verification of their business listing due to difficulty with addresses, remote locations and problems with the postage system.

If you are struggling with this, let us know – we can help.

Update Contact Details

Business Name
Ensure that this is correct and matches your actual business name.

Map Pin
Make sure that your location is at the right point on Google Maps. If it is incorrect, simply click on the map and drag your pin to the right location (usually it will take Google a few days to verify this change so don’t expect an immediate update)

Contact Number
Update your contact details with the best line for users to reach you on.

Ensure that your website URL is correct and working.

Add Company Description

Add a brief introduction about your business – this could be your clients first interaction and introduction to your company. So, ensure that this correct, professional and well written.

Upload photos

Get going with uploading some images to your listing. This is a great place to add photos of your team, location or even products.

Users are moving towards “no click results”

what this means is that many users may find the information they were looking for right in the map pack, and may have non-reason to even click through to your website. Ensuring that your Google My Business Listing is optimized will not only assist you in improving your Local SEO and placement in the map pack, but it will also allow users to have a snapshot of your business without even having to visit your website.

Choose the right Category

Be smart with category selection. The primary category will carry more weight than the secondary category so be sure to choose the category that is most likely to bring in your clients. Selecting this category will require some thought into what the competition is like in your area and how narrowly defined you should have this.

Add questions and answers

This is a great place for FAQ’s to allow your users to quickly access information / questions they may have about your business. Keep these updated with useful information for your clients.

Post weekly

Google posts are a great location to post a weekly update, special promotions or good information. The posts disappear after 7 days, so for promotions you can set these for a specific period.

Ask for Reviews!

Ask your clients for reviews, and make sure that you respond to any negative reviews in a professional and genuine way. Remember that your response is not for the reviewer but for future clients who may be looking at how you take on negative feedback.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile

can have significant benefits not only to your local SEO, but also to interactions and conversions of your business. With the move towards “no click results” your Google My Business listing may be the first (and sometimes only) interaction clients will have with your business. So it is essential to ensure that this is updated and optimized for SEO.

Get in touch with our talented team of Google Specialists if you need any assistance in setting up or optimizing your Google My Business Listing.

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Tarryn West

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