How to Optimize Website Layout to Increase Conversions

January 31, 2020  |   Design, Website Design, Website Development

How to Optimize Website Layout to Increase Conversions

A website can be a powerful tool that can tap into a wider audience for a huge conversion potential.

But nowadays, many companies make their own websites that serve the same purpose, and the competition is often brutal. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors, without relying too much on ads, and still generate substantial revenue?

The answer is simple – think about your website layout and design.

A website is more than just an online business card, and more than just a transaction platform. It’s a marketing touchpoint to lead sales, to serve customers, and to give them the best online experience you can provide.

Use the right website layout for the right audience

We have come a long way from publishing websites with HTML, that gave the feeling of visiting an online library in the 90s. Unless you want your user to experience nostalgia, user experience is another form of communication that must be tailored to your target market.

Your competitors have already employed sophisticated JavaScript and simplistic but eye-catching CSS designs, so your audience will expect your site to look pleasing to the eye and up-to-date.

At Island Media Management, we keep our eyes on the latest web design trends that big brands use to win people’s attention. Delivering great designs can help you deliver your brand’s message and improve your customer experience.

Keep in mind the Buyer’s Journey when designing layout.

The Buyer’s Journey illustrates a buyer’s progression from being unaware to purchasing your product. Your market is composed of people who are at various stages of the Buyer’s Journey.

Once a person discovers your website, the journey begins.

The goal of any web page is to lead your visitors along the Buyer’s Journey towards conversion – actions that you want your visitors to take. This could be subscribing to email newsletters, trial periods, or making the purchase.

Many companies put too much focus on the homepage layout. In reality, if you have been using SEO content marketing strategy, there is a great chance that your visitors will land on one of your blog posts. So it’s important to pay attention to your blog page layout as well.

Related Blogs Section

If your visitors have only just become aware of your brand, you can use this chance to enforce your position as an authority in the business.

Add image links to related blogs at the bottom of the main body. One of the image links can direct visitors to your blogs library, so they can explore your articles without scrolling back up and finding the appropriate links.

About The Author

Another way to enforce your authority on the given topic is to add the author’s information above the fold. The most likely space for this is in an easy to read and view part of your blog page.

Social Sharing And Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

There is no reason not to add it. It’s free advertising! Place these buttons ideally after the body, just before the Related Blogs. Or as a tiny exit-intent popup feature.

This position is ideal because your message is still fresh on your reader’s mind. If the blog is compelling enough, your readers can conveniently find the share and subscribe buttons just after reading to completion.

This position is also prime real estate for other call-to-action buttons.

Treat Your Website Right

Once a visitor lands on your page, they will decide in a matter of seconds if they want to continue to explore your site further, or not.

If your website feels abandoned and unpolished, your current visitors will surely feel that way too! Enlighten your website with some updated pictures and a design overhaul. When you give more attention to your site, you are also giving it a makeover to engage your customers.

Show it off!

Search engine optimization is one essential factor for your website.

Even if you have the best site ever, if no one can find you, then there’s no value to it. You only need to include some Google-friendly search terms in the mainline of your writing, and before you know it, you’ll be close to the top of the search rankings. Don't forget to always update your website with current trends. If you’re not confident with doing this yourself, then you can get the help of an SEO specialist.

Need help with the maintenance of your website?

We’ve listed some of the key points for website maintenance to keep your website modern and updated. If you still need help with the maintenance of your website or doing the SEO, you can contact us at Island Media Media. Our team of experts in a variety of fields ready to develop the digital marketing needs for your business!

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