You’ve done all you can to optimize your website by writing pleasant title tags, beautiful meta’s to attract clicks, using relevant target keywords in your copy, and write spectacular content. But, you’re not ranking.

As Bali’s trusted digital marketing agency, we know how frustrating that can be. Especially if your business is providing an excellent service. To end the week on a good note, discover what’s holding your website back and how to ensure your site is a target for potential customers.

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Search rankings can be considered tricky. Your site could be qualified one day and not the next. Let’s cover the top 5 reasons why this can be the case:

Your Website is New.

We’ve heard countless clients walk into our office with “My website has been up for months and it’s still not ranking!” Getting ranked for very specific keywords is not unusual to take weeks or even months to begin showing results.

Following a Dead Tradition.

Back in the old world of SEO, targeting short and high volume keywords was the norm. This was when webmasters would create content according to the desired words or phrases, build keywords rich in links to their website, and just sit and watch their website climb the rankings.

However, this is not the case today. Over the last 5 years of this traditional method, this strategy has become ineffective. Short keywords have become less desirable as it only drives general traffic. Compared to longer and more specific keywords that drive a focused and targeted audience.

Unintentionally Blocking Google from Your Website.

There are many ways you could have inadvertently blocked Google from crawling. But by far, the most common error lies in the robots.txt file.

This issue can happen when launching a new site or having moved your domain to another. To ensure if this is the case, go into your robots.txt file and look for something like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This would mean that you have blocked Google from accessing your website. Fortunately, all you need to do to get your rankings back to normal is to simply remove this code.

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Your Website doesn’t have Sufficient Amount of Inbound Links and Mentions.

Maybe you’ve missed a spot on your SEO. Inbound links are crucial for your website to rank high. By links, it should be natural links from authoritative, high-quality, and relevant sites.

Your Website is Optimized, but not for Mobile.

And last but not the least, your website is not mobile responsive. With the entire world growing increasingly impatient and checking their phones every second, being mobile friendly is very important for any business especially when it comes to Google noticing you.

We know its a lot to take in, and that’s why Island Media Management is here. Solving your basic SEO challenges every week. Stay tuned for more exciting blog updates about the world of digital marketing… Work with us, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Bali.

What we do works.

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