When adding images onto your website, whether it’s in your blog, for a product, or on your homepage, two things are essential for maximum effectiveness. They have to be compelling and preferably original images, and they need good SEO.

Image optimization is done by using alt text, reducing the file size, captioning the image accurately, and adding a descriptive file name. For a more in-depth overview of these parameters, I can refer you to our previous article regarding Image Optimization.

Using attractive original images can boost your web performance in several ways, which will give you an edge on the competition.

Google Images is Your Friend

Due to the lack of transparency, we can only speculate on Google’s market share. Some sources state that Google had more than 90% of the market share in the USA back in 2018. Over 20% of this share was taken up by Google Images. So why focus purely on content and miss out on this opportunity for more traffic?

google images seo

Google Images has four times as many searches as YouTube!

Because Google cares about its users, it’s continually improving functionality to please both visitors and businesses. Over the last couple of years, Google has made numerous interface modifications to cater to everyone's needs.

The most noteworthy change was the removal of the ‘View Image’ button, which might have frustrated many users. I, for one, have become a fan of it. Along with the image, I can now discover valuable content matching the image. As a business, you can take advantage of this to attract more traffic to your website.

Google also lists the page title and source with the image. So, appealing content is still important and can be another invitation for users to visit your website.

For some search queries, Google goes as far as incorporating image results on the SERP, saving users the trouble of having to click for Images.

Images link building

Image Link Building

When you create engaging figures like infographics, charts, and graphs, they can be picked up by other websites. These websites will likely credit the source, thus giving you precious backlinks and improving your SEO. The same goes for attractive pictures.

To prevent abuse of your materials, be sure to implement a watermark. This way, if your designs don't get correctly credited, people will still know what their source is.

Tip: you can always do a reverse image search to find out if someone is using your images without proper credit. Just drag-and-drop your image in the Google Images search field. It'll spit out a clear overview of where your material is utilized. You can contact the wrongdoers and right the wrong.

Gain User Retention with Original Images

It's advisable to invest in unique and professional images, as they won't only be more engaging when they pop up in a Google search, they will give your website a more personal appearance.

Not that stock footage is necessarily bad; it just lacks personality. It doesn't embody your brand the same way as original images do. People will more likely stick around on a site with fresh, brand-consistent images.

It's not like you need unique images all over your website, but they do give the extra edge.

seo images user retention

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