Marketing is the invisible pillar that supports a business, and perhaps it is given far less credit than the salesforce. The responsibility to maintain brand image, to listen to customers, and to reach them with the right message can be daunting. This is why many companies rely on an outsourced marketing agency such as ours. 

How is it possible to outsource a task that is close to the company’s heart, such as marketing? This article answers the question on how outsourced marketing is possible (and profitable) for your company.

Outsourced marketing agencies help your marketers do their job, but better.

We are not talking about the general goal of a marketing strategy, which is eventually to help increase sales and revenue. Instead we are interested in the main tasks of a marketer, and to see whether we can come up with a better way of completing those tasks.

1. Defining / redefining the target market

When the business has been running for a long enough period of time, the buyer persona may have already been determined and dictated, and marketers tend to skip over the step of redefining the target market.

Yet the market is alive, everchanging, and fickle, especially in the modern age. Viral information can throw a carefully formulated quarterly plan out of the window. Traditional means of keeping up with the market (e.g. interviewing random samples) is simply not effective anymore. 

Defining or redefining the target market

Fortunately, a marketing agency can use the digital media to its advantage. Using tools to tap into big data, digital marketers can create sound conclusions based on online consumer behavior. Your internal marketing team can use free tools like Google Trends, Ubersuggest keyword research, and Social Mention to find clues to what the market is thinking about.

If you think these free tools are powerful enough, imagine using a few premium tools and hiring an expert to infer the rich data. Learn more about online consumer behavior.

Finding channels to reach the market

2. Finding channels to reach the market

Have you found all the ways that your business and your customers can interact? Are you only relying on your sales representatives to create brand awareness? Finding all the possible channels to reach the market is only half the battle – the other half is using them to their fullest potential. 

Some companies don’t have a problem choosing the right channel. This is true for brands that are consumed by the masses – mass media is the right choice for them; these are traditional marketing channels that stand the test of time, and are widely accessible to the market.

Mass media is not the answer if you’re targeting a narrower but lucrative market. Ironically, the task becomes much harder to attract a select few people who are likely to purchase your products. How do you reach a market who rarely make purchases, and who’s purchases are high value?

To attract their attention, your brand would have to exist in many places at once. If owning hundreds of representative offices is not an option, then owning one website may suffice. With a well-coded, search engine-optimized website, and compelling content, you can attract even the most elusive buyers to you. Websites, social media pages, and online advertising are some of the ways you can effectively reach your hidden market. Find out more about digital marketing channels.

3. Delivering the right message to the market

The mental image of marketers is that of a well-dressed person carrying a megaphone, who stands on a stage and calls everyone to Buy Now. That may be true in the past, but in today’s world, marketers are more similar to commercial jet pilots:

  • They have a specific destination (the target market or audience).
  • They plan a route and choose the appropriate aircraft for the job (the marketing channel and media).
  • They are tasked with transporting a selection of passengers that are deemed safe and legal to reach the destination (the marketing message).
Delivering the right message to the market

Even with such wonderful technology to deliver content, many marketers misuse websites and social media as a way to blast promotional content. In order to craft a compelling message, marketers need to know who they’re speaking to.

The modern marketers treat their marketing tools the way commercial jet pilots treat their aircraft – with respect and skillful tact. Social media platforms and search engines too will penalize the misuse of marketing tools. Digital marketing agencies follow white-hat principles closely, to avoid becoming invisible in search engines, and to steer away from becoming a spammy social media account.

Hiring a pilot of marketing can be expensive, but you have the option to outsource marketing services. Learn more about what Island Media Management can do for you.

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