5 Reasons to Invest in Paid Search for Inbound Marketing

January 4, 2017


Inbound marketing must be part of your strategies because customers are now smarter. With increased competition for online consumers, you have to place your products prominently. Shoppers today are doing their research by reading reviews and checking social media for recommendations. With inbound marketing, you nurture a customer until the purchase stage. This is where paid search comes in.

Paid traffic

Pay per click (PPC) must be part of your marketing strategy because it helps start the initial process in the purchase journey. While there are many other ways to gain traffic and convert, PPC still remains top of them all.

Here are some of the reasons you should start spending money on paid search:

  • Compete early and be there always
    Most people are spending a lot of time online and as a marketer, you must make sure it is easy for these users to find you. By using PPC ads, you are simply competing earlier than your competitors and users will definitely want to sample what you are showing. When a customer does a search for a particular product or service, you will always be there and this increases conversion rates on your site.
  • Boosting SEO Efforts
    If your website is not ranking highly on search engine result pages (SERPs), then you are missing out in a big way. While you might be focusing on organic search with your SEO strategy, it is also important to appreciate the impact PPC can have on traffic to your site. By showing top on both organic and paid search, you are boosting your brand.
  • Immediate and Steady
    Adapting your budget and search terms, you can easily gain consistent traffic which is the dream of every marketer. During the length of the paid campaign, you will never have a lull in traffic numbers and this is what every marketer wants. If you are struggling to get your products noticed, it easy to gain traffic as soon your PPC campaign is set up.
  • Real Times Changes
    You can create targeted messages and a call to action to increase click-through rates. There are search paid tools to help customize your messaging and increase the probability of converting. Automated messaging makes it easier to send out relevant messages that will increase conversion rates.
  • Reaching the Right Market
    Whether your target market is local or broader, it is easier to attain your objectives through paid search. If you have a limited marketing budget, it is easier to market your products within a specific area. If you want your ads appearing only in a specific area, paid search helps meet your goals.

There you have it; paid search is just as important as organic search and must be part of your marketing strategy. If you need help with organic search or paid search, our team here will help you!

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