It is a common thing in the world of SEO to hear about Google Algorithm updates as they happen all the time.  Mostly they  only affect a small percentage of websites but sometimes they can have a major affect.  On  April 24th 2012 Google launched their first Penguin Update (there have been two more since) and the world as we know it changed, forever.

Penguin Update - Google updates their algorithm continuously, if your site is being hit then it's time to look at your SEO!
Did you get turned over by the Penguin Update in 2012? Perhaps you need to look at your SEO!

Where you hit by the Penguin Update?

There is one really easy way to see if you website was hurt by the Penguin update….quiet simply, you need to look at your rankings in Google Analytics and if you see a sudden drop in traffic from the 24th April 2012 then YES, you were hit.

Why are we talking about it now?

At Island Media Management we are still coming across new clients who have no idea that their web rankings have been hit by Penguin.  If you are not up to speed with this sort of information then it is easy to just think that your website is not performing well.  If this is the case for you then you will be glad to know there is a fix!

Penguin Update Geared Around Back Linking

That’s right….the Penguin update punished websites who had a spammy back link profile, enjoyed keyword stuffing and a number of other more grey & spammy ways to build links.  So how do you find out about your back link profile to see if it is spammy?  There are a few good tools on the market to check your back link profile, or you can ask someone like me to help you…that’s are speciality after all.

What does a Good Link Profile Look Like?

It’s quite simple really to create a good link profile.  “Natural” would be the easiest way to describe it, perhaps diverse would also be a good word to use.  You need to be picky with the links coming into your site and they need to be natural links.  Paid links no longer count for anything.

A good link will come from a relevant source about your landing page and will provide the user with information about what they are looking for.  You would expect that right?

How to Disavow Bad Links?

If you do have bad links coming into your site then Google does have a very good disavow tool that you can find in their Webmaster section.  It takes a bit of time but eventually you will get the bad links out and can start to develop a more positive back link profile.

At Island Media Management we have an SEO Service that will help you to get rid of all your bad back links and work towards what we call “white hat SEO” and thus great rankings success in the future.  If you are a Bali based business then we are happy to meet you face to face to discuss your options.

Contact us today for more information.

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