How To Just Allow Certain Colors In Photoshop For Beginner

September 21, 2015

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Have you ever seen a picture which just some colors? Do you want to know how to do that?

With a little help of Photoshop, everyone can change colors with different layers. In the following article you will learn these two examples of things which you can do with different layers.

How To Allow Only Certain Colors in Photoshop?

First I want to show you how to have pictures in black and white and let only some parts of the picture be colored by using different layers. You can see that on the two examples below.

different layers, and color

differen layers photoshop

Below is the technique that you can use to allow certain colors in a photo.

1. Choose The Pictures That You Want to Work On

Basically you can choose any pictures that you like to be edited. But if you want to have a black and white picture and allow only certain color on it, then it's better if you choose a picture that has vivid colour.

In this case, we choose a picture of Balinese Woman who wear traditional clothes. Their belt has vivid color, which is pink. We would like to highlight that belt.

2. Create Layer in Black and White

We cover the original picture with black and white version by creating a new layer in black and white mode.

new layer black and white

We don't have to copy or duplicate the layer first to do this step. We just need to go to the layer menu, then click on the new adjustment layer, and then Black & White.

3. Use The Eraser

Now we select the eraser and erase the parts of the new layer which we don’t want in black and white. Behind the new layer is still the old picture which was colored. So when we erase the layer the colored picture will be shown.

earase the colored parts

In this step, we erase the belt part to expose the pink color of it. We do it carefully to ensure that other parts of the pictures is not erased only pink belt that should be exposed here.

If you zoom in the picture, its most of the times easier to avoid mistakes during you erase because the area you want to erase its not so small anymore.

zoom in picture

Learning Photoshop for Beginner is Easy

Photoshop is a program that we can use to edit pictures easily. With the technique above, everyone can change the color or edit the picture as what we want. Even, There are many tutorials about how to edit pictures in Photoshop for beginner that you can use as the reference to improve your skill.

If you have any tips or alternative way to do these things in Photoshop, please let us know. If you would know anything else about graphic design tips please let us know too.

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