As a digital marketer, you’re probably always on the lookout for new and more effective ways to build the brand you are marketing. You’ve probably come across messages on how important social media is for online marketing today and may already be making use of various social media platforms.

Posts That Get Most Shares on Facebook
If you’ve been using Facebook for marketing, then you know just how important shares are for marketing. But what kinds of posts create a buzz on Facebook?

The Difference Between a Like and a Share

Before getting into what kind of posts get most shares on Facebook, it is important to understand the difference between a like and a share.

A like is a way of showing support or understanding. A share is a show of great appreciation for the message. A person who ‘shares’ shows that they like the content so much they’d like others to see it too.

Obviously, a share is more valuable to a business than a like. It will increase your reach exponentially.

Types of Posts That Get Most Sharesuser-discover-through-search-engine

  • Inspirational quotes
    This is may be considered cliché by many but it truly is effective. People share inspirational quotes, not just because they like the quotes, but because they want others to feel as empowered and motivated as they felt when they read the quote.
  • Posts that say what others are thinking but don’t say it
    Many of us think about superficial things but feel that we may be judged severely if we share them with the world. A lighthearted post on something that your target audience may be thinking can easily go viral. Share a thought as simple as ‘I deserve a whole tub of ice cream today’ and you’ll find many sympathetic users tagging friends or sharing the post on their profiles.
  • Bucket list
    Who doesn’t want to learn about the hopes and wishes of others? It can be inspiring to know what others dream of doing. It can rekindle that spark that threatens to be snuffed out by daily routine. A bucket list post for just about anything is sure to get many shares amongst enthusiasts in that niche.
  • Posts about perception
    People like posts that talk about how they perceive themselves or the world. A post about how hard a mother’s day can be is sure to get thousands of shares amongst mothers who can relate or friends of mothers who tag them in the post. Think of ways that your audience see themselves and create a post they can relate to.

Use creative and fun ways to present your content to your audience e.g. memes or e-cards. This will increase your chances of getting more shares. Feel free to call us if you are interested in having even better social media engagements.

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