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Island Media is proud to be recognized as an official Google Partner Agency.

This rating means that we have achieved professional marketing certifications, have managed significant advertising spend through the Google network, and that Google has assessed the quality of how we have managed our clients’ accounts. Our digital marketing specialists understand the technical aspects of running Google Ads campaigns and have a proven track record of success. We also work with Yahoo, Yandex, & YouTube ad campaigns.

Google Partner Cerification

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Google offers multiple ad types, the most common types of ads are search and display ads.

These can be used together or separately depending on the goals for your business.

Traditionally, search ads have a higher conversion rate, as the user has already displayed an intent to purchase by searching for your product or services. Display ads are traditionally more suited to brand awareness campaigns, where the goal of your campaign is to increase recognition of your brand. Together, these campaigns can complement each other to drive trust, engagement and ultimately revenue for your business.

As Google has become the first stop when people are searching for products or information, utilizing Google Advertising is still the number one online advertising platform.

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Control your ad spend with flexible budgets!

One of the great things about Google Ads is the ability to align your budget to your business needs.

Google offers various methods for how your ad costs are triggered. Depending on the type of ad you are running you will only be charged when users click on your ads (Search Ads / Shopping Ads) or when your ads are displayed (Display Ads / Video Ads). This means that every dollar of your budget goes towards bringing new clients to you.

Even if you are already appearing in Google search results, using Google Ads allows you to target new audiences. It is also great for new websites that are not yet ranking well in organic search results.

We assess keyword conversion/optimization factors to ensure your Google Ads are performing in line with your business goals.

Google ADS Campaign Types

Googles Ads Search Campaign


Appear on top of Google search results! Increase the chance of being seen and clicked by potential customers of your business.

Googles Ads Display Campaign


Reach people while they are browsing their favorite websites. Engage with your audience by using appealing ad formats.

Googles Ads Shopping Campaign


Use Shopping ads to advertise your retail products. More than just a text ad, Shopping ads can display a photo of your product to entice users.

Googles Ads Video Campaign


Appeal to your customers by engaging through fascinating video ads on YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

Not sure which Google Ads campaign is for you?

We provide customized Google Ads campaigns that drive real results for your business. Get in touch today.


Why Island Media

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Account Ownership
You own your advertising data, this will help you to optimize any future campaigns you run.
Flexible Budget
Have total control over your budget; increase & decrease your ad spend to align with your business objectives.
You will gain insight and see real data collected by our digital marketing specialists.
Clear & Transparent
Clear, transparent and pricing and reporting. No surprises.

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