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November 14, 2016  |   Blogging, Marketing

The importance of quality content  reaches more audiences blog is becoming more apparent to brands as consumers become more informed. Great content will not only result in increased visibility to search engines but it will also enable your brand to develop a better relationship with your customers and help you to  reach more audiences and  achieve higher conversion rates.

However, many people struggle with finding that sweet spot that drives better results for a brand. Apply the following tips when writing your next blog and you’ll see a great improvement in engagement:

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Have someone else read through your content
It’s common for amateurs to hit the publish button without taking a second look at their content. Experts, on the other hand, for reach more audiences should have editors who go through their content and review it for mistakes and ensure that it is worth publishing. Having another person go through your blog provides you with a different perspective on your content. Other people can identify unclear messages or lapses that you wouldn’t notice yourself. They will help you determine whether your content is relevant and engaging.

Include optimized images
Images are one of the most effective means of communication. Blogs that contain images receive significantly higher views than blogs without images. This is the reason platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are so popular. Try to include 1 to 3 images that are relevant to your content.

Take a second look at your headline
It takes a few seconds for people to decide whether they will read a blog or not. Most people will read the headline and then scan the content. It is therefore important to ensure the headline is catchy and relevant.This is also important since headlines are the most shared part of the content. A catchy headline will get you more shares and therefore a wider audience.

Get creative with your call to action
Including a call to action at the end of your content is a no-brainer. Everyone does it. However, if you want to increase your conversion rate, it is going to take more than an invitation to contact you at the end of your content. Include a newsletter sign up instead in order to build your mailing list and therefore create even more leads. You may also consider including a link to download an in-depth version of the content as an eBook that can be delivered via email.

Take the time to place yourself in the shoes of your target  reach more audiences  and ask what type of content they’d like to read. Ensure that you give your audience what they’re looking for and contact us for more information.

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