The Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

December 9, 2016  |   Marketing


CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - May 1,2018: A man holds Samsung note 8 with Instagram application on the screen. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.

Social media presence is a must have in business today. If you are on Twitter and Facebook, you are already walking in the right direction. However, even though the two have been at the top in the last few years, Instagram is quickly joining the fray and taking the lead in social media presence for businesses. Here are some great reasons to get on Instagram:

Guaranteed exposure via newsfeed posts – On Facebook, you are not guaranteed that all your followers will see your post. Instagram on the other hand ensures that 100% of the posts you put up show on the newsfeeds of all your customers. This will increase brand recognition.

Smartphone popularity – Today smartphones have become a huge part of how people access the internet. It has been estimated that most activity on smartphones is actually through apps and the Instagram app is thriving. Most people find it easy to use and very convenient. Since more people are purchasing smartphones, maximizing on Instagram’s potential will only mean growth for you.

Growth – Instagram is growing in leaps and bounds. Facebook purchased it in 2012 and since then, they have been growing tremendously. With more than 500 million users and growing, the market for what you have to sell continues to expand.

Usage per day – Instagram has more than 30,000 pictures uploaded on it on a daily basis. Additionally, more than 70% of people with an Instagram account get on at least once daily. Others log in multiple times. With millions of people logging in daily, there is increased business potential on this platform that you can take advantage of.

SEO rankings - To rank high on search engines, you will need to make sure that you have content appearing in various channels. The goal is to be in the top 3 rankings and this can only be done if your online reputation is top notch. In addition to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, add Instagram! The comments, hashtags and likes will all add up.

Flaunt it – If you are not a large company, you may not have the money to carry out a huge advertising campaign or execute a large marketing strategy. Using social media to attract clients is the main thing you will do. Instagram gives you an opportunity to put up great pictures and use hashtags that will build the business and create a following.

Instagram also allows you to carry out targeted marketing based on various hashtags and trending topics. You also get to interact with current customers and gain plenty of new ones. Are you ready to the next level with your instagram ? Our team is here to help you!

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