Reasons why SEO should be at the beginning of a project

September 8, 2017

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Many digital marketing agencies treat SEO as an afterthought. However, at Island Media Management, we feel that outlining, planning, doing keyword research, and developing a content calendar before a project, can result in a very effective strategy.

Too many marketers leave SEO to last when beginning a content marketing project. A blog post is created or a new marketing campaign has been finalized and then comes the SEO to find related keywords. This approach is obsolete, time-consuming, and utterly ineffective.

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Modern SEO strategies, on the other hand, can solve who your authentic target audience is, what information they are seeking, and what content format appeals to them more. This data can be used to help your business come up with more effective content strategies, something that is too late to gather if SEO was not considered before the project began.

Modern SEO strategy

As the leading SEO Service provider in Bali, we consider SEO at the very beginning of projects. To provide the whole package of a great content marketing project for a client, consider SEO as a foundational part of the project from the beginning.

  1. Keyword research should help you determine your content

    There are various ways to be inspired and come up with ideas for content. But what people are really looking for is inspirational content regarding your service and answers to the frequently asked questions. The best source? The information you hold within your company and Google. Modern keyword research is powerful because it provides relevant and significant insight towards what your target audience wants and needs from your industry. The process of keyword research allows marketing analysts to identify visitor needs and cater to them by brainstorming content ideas.

  2. Chosen Keywords should define the content

    After the researching stage, the selected keywords direct marketers and content developers to create the content by discussing what information needs to be gathered and what type of audience is the information targeted to.

  3. Google ranking priorities are revealed through SERP analysis SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis helps marketers decipher Google’s algorithmic preferences. In order for the marketers to predict high rankings, they have to know which factors are the priorities for the client’s industry, niche, content, and much more. Without doing this, marketers could be wasting their time by pursuing unnecessary keywords.

Applying SEO research to your project

Don’t fret if your content has already been developed and published without the SEO strategy, it’s better late than never. You can audit the existing content by using SEO research to boost engagement and rankings without needing to start from scratch. To do this, identify underperforming content, target the keywords, and then conduct user intent research.

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