Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

March 22, 2017

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Are you an online marketer struggling to make a breakthrough in this highly competitive market? If your answer is yes, it is highly likely you are not yet leveraging the power of mobile marketing. The number of internet users using mobile today has increased tremendously. A Smart Insights Report says over 80% of internet users own a smartphone.  The same report says there are over 2 billion mobile users and most of them are using these devices to browse the internet.

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If you are not yet leveraging these numbers, you are at risk of getting swept to the wayside. The online market is highly volatile and trends keep on changing. If you don’t stay abreast of these changes, there is a high chance of failure. This is one reason why you must start by building a mobile-friendly website. With the launch of Mobile-First Index by Google, your mobile website version will gain even more prominence than ever before.

Reasons to shift to mobile-friendly website

If these numbers have not convinced you about the need to shift to a mobile-friendly website, below are some other reasons to make this shift:

More Online Shopping is on Mobile
With more shoppers using mobile devices to go online, marketers have to ensure they provide a seamless user experience on these devices. Research shows more online shopping is now happening on mobile as opposed to desktops. According to Google, mobile search officially surpassed desktop with 55% of consumer shopping time. Desktops and laptops only managed 45% of consumer time spent online. There is a shift towards more mobile-friendly formats such as HTML 5 marks the general trend since 2013.

Increased Traffic
If your ecommerce website is grappling with high bounce rates and uncompleted orders, it is highly likely that you have not optimized it for mobile devices. A Google Survey in 2012 shows 74% of visitors are likely to return to a mobile-friendly website while 67% are likely to buy from such a platform.  61% of visitors will leave the platform if it is not mobile-friendly.

Better Ranking
Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and to verify this, you just need to search your website and view the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your Facebook page will most likely appear above your ecommerce page. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites and penalizes those that are not optimized for mobiles. Google understands that more users are on mobile and to enhance the user experience and meet customer expectations, they expect you to also provide content that is adjustable to all screen sizes.

Mobile-friendly websites boost traffic, enhance visibility and help avert loss of business while also raising your ranking on SERPs. This being said, it is time you adopted a mobile-responsive design for your website. Contact us now to get your website designed mobile-friendly and leverage the power of mobile marketing.

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